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  1. Been happening to me also.
  2. Can you please fix this script? It crashes repeatedly. The posters above have already mentioned the issues.
  3. Amount of gold to sell: 7.5m Payment method: paypal Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: skype ye Have u added me already: ye Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: ye
  4. Fix the xubuntu error please. >.>
  5. I'll be buying a huge amount of yew longbow (u)'s along with bowstrings. I'll be happy buying from short term and long term sellers alike - just skype me or PM me here on TRi. Skype: itslubey
  6. If there is a buyer around here that wants them, I'd be interested in selling bulk teak planks. Post here if interested.
  7. Script won't click on trees to cut them, no idea what's wrong - other scripts work fine. It runs to the area and then just stands there, moving the mouse and doing antiban - but will not click the tree. Would be cool to see a resolution to this - I've currently wasted $5 on this script so far with no gain. EDIT: Discovered client must be in lite mode, problem solved. Might wanna mention it in the original post, I had no idea.
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