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  1. No one will go first with you considering you only have 1 feedback, 42 posts and if not trusted. I want to buy 4 bonds from you. If you want to pay for MM I am glad to buy them; otherwise, I can wait for someone trusted to have them.
  2. title says it all. message me or reply on here please. my skype is united420smoking
  3. It's actually pretty cheap considering the top trusted buyers/sellers on all sites buy for around 2.4-2.6$ USD p/Mil and sell at 2.9-3.5$ p/Mil.
  4. Wanna buy some cannonballs 250ea? Let me know. Will have 50k+ shortly.
  5. Need 1997 addy ore at the moment, got all of my coal.
  6. I'm down to buy all every day if we could get the price down 20-50gp lower than what they go for.
  7. Also, if you could add an option to log out after being finished with superheating all of the bars would be amazing. I would donate to you if the script is flawless after that too.(: Thank you, let me know what your opinion is?
  8. What does this mean? I got home and the script wasn't running due to script failure. It wasn't the client, I checked it.
  9. I don't think anyone would tell you that. You should try what works best for you bud. Trial and error is all.
  10. It was Sock Monster and Druid. I don't have hard feelings about it; therefore, it's not a big deal. I was just curious.
  11. Good luck man, I can't wait to see this.(:
  12. Right after I posted that, I pulled up my client, turned on the bot and.... Beast as it is. Dragon imp to start off the day. Haven't logged into a Dragon imp right next to me, this should be a good proggy I hope.
  13. Now I don't have to worry about the bot freaking out when I leave to work today.(:
  14. I figured it out, the world-hopping bug we're experiencing now. It occurs when the bot doesn't find any imps within the given time before it world hops. If it doesn't find any imps in that amount of time, it gets stuck in the world-hopping loop and won't get out of it.
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