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  1. The one in my signature (auto runecrafter elite), that was years ago tho.. Not even sure if that script is still here lol
  2. Ya I here that those skills are high banrates but i've actually had the most success in those skills. I've gotten 3 99s botting fishing, 2 99s from hunter and one got to like 95 before it got banned and I got to 92 rc before i got hit with the 2 day ban and I stopped lol
  3. what skills do you look at and just think its no point in even trying
  4. Script is just broken at red chins, ill go to a open world where there's literally no one around and when i try to start the script it'll try to hop to a different world and start placing traps in a world with people. I tried pausing the script and going back to that world and starting it but the script just tries to hop worlds again.
  5. I just tried it after this update and its still all the same issues. The problems with blackjacking go further then just the walking system. The script has problems luring bandits into buildings, running away from combat or trying to lure cancel combat, and even actually blackjacking. You'll do like two successfull pickpockets before the script gets into combat and for some reason when the bandit attacks you after a failed pickpocket, instead of pickpocketing again quickly after it'll just sit there causing it to go back into combat. The whole blackjacking part of the script is just broken all
  6. Every year the week before christmas I bot for atleast a week straight 24/7 and dont get banned so im assuming they dont work around this time but thats just what ive gotten over the years.
  7. Yall think jagex is back to work or can i keep on suiciding?
  8. In the homepage it sais you can cut fish with a knife when your doing barb fishing at baxtorian but when I use the script I never get the option to use a knife on the fish???
  9. Ya and hes showing the fight you racist cunt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeFEfJqlWJ7O9B4Qp6KlVZA/videos
  10. https://www.liveraise.com/event/69237
  11. Sometimes when it gets into combat blackjacking itll wait till its like 2 hp before it trys to run and gets killed cause of it, not all the time but sometimes it waits wayyy too long
  12. Not sure if they updated the game or something but it stopped and the blackjacking seems to be working fine now, the timing needs to be worked on I guess but thats gonna take some time since theres a lot of things you gotta take into consideration but it works
  13. Does the same thing even when I use the luring option or world hopper, start the script then it logs off and closes the script.
  14. Dont bot on that account anymore if you care about it cause its pretty much a guaranteed ban
  15. I've messaged you on skype and didn't get a reply but anyways the script won't start for me, when I start the GUI doesn't open and this is all it sais in the debug
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