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  1. confirming you're talking to me :3 edit: traded 07 to EOC, fast & easy!
  2. Requested a refund more than a week ago as it doesn't comply with the anti-ban standards, and he hasn't even read the message yet... Seriously?
  3. I realize Motherlode is still in beta, so I am in no way complaining, just submitting feedback to help with the development of the script got this error when running it: [22:24:21] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 [22:24:21] at scripts.aMiner.B(aMiner.java:7656) [22:24:21] at scripts.aMiner.FA(aMiner.java:7536) [22:24:21] at scripts.aMiner.R(aMiner.java:7459) [22:24:21] at scripts.aMiner.run(aMiner.java:7313) [22:24:21] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:724) [22:24:41] Script Ended: aMiner [Premium].
  4. Are you selling RS3 or 07GP: 07 Amount to sell: 10m What payment option: Paypal How did you contact me: Skype edit: sale finished in less than 2 minutes, good stuff
  5. outstanding script, runs alot better than any other Ranged Guild script out there
  6. outstanding script, very suprised it's free; i would expect a script like this to be premium. anyways, thanks man!
  7. it works PERFECTLY for me, so im not sure what's up
  8. lol, ive been using it and it works perfectly, heres a proggy from yesterday cheers mate
  9. dude, you might wanna delete this pic soon. i would be worried about it getting your RS account banned :/
  10. simply outstanding. i really wish all the scripts on the repo worked as well as this one nice job man
  11. be patient FFS, these guys have premium scripts to maintain, and that's their first priority.
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