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  1. Got banned on both my account using this script. The weird thing is that they said it was a "goldfarming bot". One account was on the Varrock course, and the other was on the one where the rockcrabs are. Beware.
  2. Shimmy2501

    jFletcher v1.2

    JOBBO, like the other recent versions, 1.0.9 has a glitch where the mouse moves the bank scroll bar down so then it tries to click all across trying to find the strings/bows. I have to manually scroll back to the top to let the script continue. (While stringing)
  3. Shimmy2501

    jFletcher v1.2

    Could you update 1.0.9 to the OP, please?
  4. Or people realized that there's a lot of money in luring them. After all, you are getting natures for money, right?
  5. So hypocritical. Karmas coming your way..
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