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  1. It indeed is. I've tried to contact Fluffee several ways but he's not replying as to whether (s)he's going to update the script, unfortunately. New coordinates on tutorial island mean that the bot no longer works when your character spawns on one of these.
  2. This is really awesome, look forward to see what the team will release next.
  3. Great script when it decides to start! Sadly sometimes it will get stuck on the Login bot and then not proceed to do the area. Only console feedback is login bot login -> succeeded. doesn't even type the initial name. Any chance you'd be able to look into this? Cheers! Edit: bot debug shows the following
  4. Hey! Love this script, and trying to get it to work with CLI. Following this guide here: https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000043771-how-to-use-cli-arguments-to-launch-tribot I try to launch it with scriptsargs 'last', 'last.ini', etc. but I'm not sure what would be the correct way to start the script without GUI, booting with the last used settings. Any help? Cheers!
  5. Looks like the latest patches broke this script. You're a real champ for maintaining this, Fluffee!
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