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  1. bot works, just have to manually click bank. sometimes it also stalls on withdrawing herbs/secondaries. Mouse speed is incredibly fast as well, could be an easy ban?
  2. I have been using the free version of this to get from 1-20 fishing, then after using the multi fisher script from 20-76. However, i keep getting banned when using the multi fisher script, so I am looking for a new one. If i buy this script, will i be able to use multiple instances?
  3. even with this, it only minimizes the chance of a ban. and not by alot. I lost 2 that were both taking 6-7 hour breaks, on 2 different ips, and were solving all the randoms. I think your getting lucky, my luck was about 2-3 weeks ago. but just wait
  4. You gonna post some ID's for the items? Literally not picking anything up for the past 3 days. Even when specified the name, doesn't pick it up
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