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  1. The camera rotating is the client anti-ban. I'm not sure if I can detect if an npc is behind a wall or not, but it should still be able to be clicked behind it right? No, sorry it does not. I could try to implement it though, but i'd wager ban rates would be high. I'll think about this.
  2. What do you mean? If you have VIP extended, you'll get the human mouse movements. My scripts are no different from any other scripts on tribot in terms of mouse movements, we all use the tribot api which generates unique movements.
  3. If it just stopped working today, then it's definitely a tribot problem since I haven't update the script in a week at least. I've just tested withdrawing items in Sigma Magic and it seems to be working fine. I suggest restarting your client, or waiting for the developers to patch tribot. Another way to fix this may to be to delete your hooks.dat file in your AppData/.tribot folder directory and then restarting tribot. As for this issue, I've updated the script to click continue when the level up interface appears.
  4. There's a variety of factors. I'd suggest you run any script for no more than ~1 hour a day, maybe 2 if it is an account that you do not want to lose. Otherwise go crazy.
  5. Congrats! Maybe, I'm not sure. I talked to some of the developers about adding some new anti-ban to tribot that will take care of those types of options. It will choose to use escape/space/numbers instead of clicking based on certain things automatically for anti-ban.
  6. I can work on it. However, what is stopping you from using the alch/stun or alch/curse method? It's about the same xp or even more and it costs less money.
  7. Firstly, it isn't "good antiban". If everyone is doing something, it's not antiban, and everyone using the script would be doing this selection of items. I'm not going to change that part of the script for everyone. Second, the spacebar is better and it seems most players use it, so I've changed it in the 2.03 update to use the spacebar instead of clicking the interface.
  8. What are you talking about. I'm the owner of the script and it's been working since I made the script 4 years ago. Not only does it work, but you don't even own the script. Why are you lying to me?
  9. You could try it on the trial. I believe my script will pick up the submerged kraken in the gui so you can select it. To do this, select the spell labeled "Curse/Alchemy", then select which curse and which alch spell you want. Then select the kraken in the npc box.
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