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  1. chkj4953

    cant open

    yes .every time
  2. chkj4953

    cant open

    cant open bot .always like this
  3. where can i download java15?
  4. script run a few mins then stop. cant load,cant re-run.. after like 10mins can run again. then stop...all like this
  5. a new session could not be created reason error invalid login credentials.nplease make sure use your auth0 login credentials and not your legacy forums credentials
  6. For some reason i can login on the tribot website with my details but when i open the client it says wrong username and password for some reason? I did tried my email and forum username but on both ill get the error.
  7. [15:19:50] Starting client. [15:20:37] Downloading script 'EzQuester v1'. [15:20:54] Script Started: EzQuester v1. [15:20:54] Setting up global walk condition. [15:20:54] Zooming camera out to allow the script to better interact with further away objects. [15:20:55] Script not configured. Requires script arguments. View list of arguments here: https://pastebin.com/T4jf9hYL [15:20:55] java.lang.NullPointerException [15:20:55] at scripts.ezquesters.ezquester.EzQuester.M(EzQuester.java:259) [15:20:55] at scripts.ezquesters.ezquester.EzQuester.run(EzQuester.java:155) [15:
  8. the bot cant log in the new welcome screen. dont click "click here to play"
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