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  1. [23:10:03] [nScript] [Walker Engine] Failed attempt on action. [23:10:07] [nScript] [Walker Engine] Too many failed attempts [23:10:09] [nScript] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"start":{"y":3432,"z":0,"x":2777},"player":{"strength":1,"equipment":[],"prayer":1,"runecrafting":1,"smithing":1,"slayer":1,"crafting":1,"setting":[{"key":10,"value":0},{"key":559,"value":2}],"fishing":1,"cooking":1,"member":true,"ranged":1,"thieving":1,"hunter":1,"herblore":1,"hitpoints":10,"magic":1,"construction":1,"woodcutting":1,"mining":1,"agility":1,"farming":1,"attack":1,"varbit":[{"key":192,"value":0},{"key"
  2. enter high risk world(like w365 w474 w533 ) when dead dont change world until no money buy armour!! please let bot dont enter high risk world , target world and leagues world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. after todays update all the scripts dont attack
  4. i unlocks 100$ coupon and 25% off coupon ,and didint use them .so sad!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ok!Hope nihao pay can be used in the future !!!!
  6. why no NihaoPay joke seamless transfer that "wont effect customer
  7. failed to validate login credentials please ensure you have set up your community account and verity your login details
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