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  1. cmack1028


    Happy Xmas - John Lennon
  2. What would be the pay per account? I may interested.
  3. What are you paying for this work?
  4. Currently questing for him, he pays exactly as he said he would. Good work if you enjoy the game and are looking to make some easy gold simply by playing.
  5. I can do it. PM me here or add me on skype - cmack1028
  6. Has anyone on here actually had a successful appeal from a permaban for macroing? My main in OSRS was permabanned a couple days ago for running an agility script, lost my 20m bank and everything. I made an appeal and I'm curious to see how many people, if any, have gotten unbanned before.
  7. Fishing is pretty bad right now as well. I honestly wouldn't bot right now. Ban rates are crazy at the moment.
  8. I'm literally in the same exact position as you. I got 80 fishing and the price of lobs dropped, so now at 80 fishing I'm running Encoded Fisher and averaging about 115-130 sharks/hour, which is roughly 100-115k/hour. Also about 12-14k exp/hour, so leveling is terrible but... Profit is nice. Sell the raws at Rogue's Den for 900-950 ea or cook for an even bigger profit.
  9. Mind making a short guide/tutorial on how to use it? I threw my lobs and cash in my inv and powered it up but after I filled out the window and hit the 'Get Rich' button nothing happened... And the close button didn't work either. Edit: Just ran it with complete default settings from the window as soon as it starts up, and it basically just dropped FPS majorly :/
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