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  1. Need rogues den outfit done.
  2. Need rogues outfit done, will pay up to 30m. Must have positive feedback. skype- [email protected]
  3. Hey man need rogues den outfit done. What's your Skype.
  4. Quote for: Forgettable tale Ghosts ahoy Haunted mine Hazeel cult Jungle potion Merlins crystal Monks friend Monkey madness Mountain daughter Observatory quest Shilo village One small favor Rag and bone man Rat catches Scorpian catcher Sheep herder A souls bone Spirit of the elid Tai bwo wannai trio A tail of two cats Temple of ikov The tourist trap Tower of life Tribal of toten Troll stronghold Troll romance Underground pass Watchover. Cheers...
  5. account banned with 22 hours runtime, not too bad haha.
  6. this script is amazing! i've been running it for 20 hours so far without a ban.
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