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  1. I got a 2 day ban at around lvl 65, I just waited a couple days after ban was released and started up again at falador (I think seers rooftops might have the greatest % of bans just because the course runs through a high populated area, yews/bank) until 70 then went all the way to 99 switching to the highest courses.I don't think jagex watches accounts that get 2 day minor macro bans. I've had a few other accounts all get the 2 day ban and then go on to get a 99 using the same script it got banned on. (Other scripts) If you don't want risk losing the account you can just manually get the level, 60k exp at ardougne rooftops will take a max of 2 hours going slow.
  2. I started an instance at ardougne rooftops earlier this morning, when I checked on it I found it stuck at the plank walk obstacle, right clicking non stop. Exp tracker was only at 108, so it was doing this for the whole time it was running. https://imgflip.com/gif/9hlzz (tried making a gif from it, hope it works) Its right clicking an area just below the plank. I know the right clicking is already a known issue and awaiting a fix from Trilez, but the courses have still worked. In this case the course is unable to be completed.
  3. I'm kind of confused with the gui now, so we leave run percentage and eat at hp level as ABCL to use the ABCL? I left them at ABCL for both and the script starts and immediately ends: [14:38:26] Script Started: aAgility [Premium].[14:38:53] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.[14:38:54] java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero[14:38:54] at scripts.aAgilityPrem.z(aAgilityPrem.java:900)[14:38:54] at scripts.aAgilityPrem.mA(aAgilityPrem.java:4067)[14:38:54] at scripts.aAgilityPrem.run(aAgilityPrem.java:4034)[14:38:54] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744)[14:38:54] Script Ended: aAgility [Premium]. I tried setting values for both of them too, after hitting start the bot eats entire inventory of food when at full hp. It then runs to bank and deposits everything, withdraws the food I set, closes bank and eats the whole inventory at bank.
  4. Worldhopping when a player is detected will sometimes spam click in between the worlds trying to select a world. I think with the F2P update they changed the layout of the worlds in the world select screen causing this to happen.
  5. Started a new instance of the script just now and it is right clicking almost every obstacle, which it wasn't doing yesterday. The mouse is also jumping around quite a bit when trying to select the next obstacle. I am using the ardougne rooftop course.
  6. RS always shows the highest level master when you activate the gem, regardless of who's task you have.
  7. Tip: Use rings of life, or don't set gear you don't want to lose. I consistently get 8+ hour progress reports on a 13 def account with no prayer, using vannaka. Check your settings.
  8. I just started noticing that when making unfinished potions it double clicks the water filled vial then clicks the herb. Since it was double clicked the vial was never selected, it will pause for a second or two then retry clicking the vial. It does this every inventory. Barely slows it down but since it does it every inventory I feel like it would get noticed. Edit: It also does it when making potions, not just unfinished potions.
  9. What do you mean by pure friendly? It doesn't change the combat style to defense if that's what you mean. I've only run this script on pures, never had an issue.
  10. I used this to get 55 using only maul. I'm assuming you are under 40 cb so you would be using tureal. As long as you have a good ammount of food, attack potions, teleport tabs, rope, waterskins, ice coolers, shantay passes, and anti-poisons you will be able to run for long periods of time. You also need a lit candle lantern or better. If your over 40 cb then flag any warrior tasks. You will also need a brass key for hill giants. Since you can only get turoth tasks at 55 slayer, theres no reason to flag them..
  11. Bug Report: I set up the gui to create unfinished potions and then start making the actual potion. After it got to the last of the herbs (3) it withdraws 14 water vials and then withdraws the remainder of the herbs. Instead of making them into unfinished potions it hits the deposit inventory button and repeats withdrawing and depositing until stopped.
  12. Holy crap, identifying herbs is ridiculously fast haha. Is it using mouse keys? Also what does the mouse hopping do? I have it checked.
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