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  1. so I got banned with like 60k til 99. only 2 day ban but still. dammit. now im probably flagged and can can't bot again right?

    I got a 2 day ban at around lvl 65, I just waited a couple days after ban was released and started up again at falador (I think seers rooftops might have the greatest % of bans just because the course runs through a high populated area, yews/bank) until 70 then went all the way to 99 switching to the highest courses.

    I don't think jagex watches accounts that get 2 day minor macro bans. I've had a few other accounts all get the 2 day ban and then go on to get a 99 using the same script it got banned on. (Other scripts)

    If you don't want risk losing the account you can just manually get the level, 60k exp at ardougne rooftops will take a max of 2 hours going slow.

  2. I started an instance at ardougne rooftops earlier this morning, when I checked on it I found it stuck at the plank walk obstacle, right clicking non stop. Exp tracker was only at 108, so it was doing this for the whole time it was running. 



    (tried making a gif from it, hope it works)


    Its right clicking an area just below the plank.


    I know the right clicking is already a known issue and awaiting a fix from Trilez, but the courses have still worked. In this case the course is unable to be completed.

  3. Is there any reason why it just keeps right clicking over and over, then eventually clicks the next obstacle. I'm doing Falador Rooftop FYI



    I sent Trilez a message about it and he confirmed that the client is what's causing the right-clicking. He promised to make some changes.


  4. Scripters were not informed that there would be an update that would break some methods in certain scripts. I have now updated the script to work with the latest update to the client.



    - The script now works with the latest version of Tribot.

    - Added some ABCL methods.


    I'm kind of confused with the gui now, so we leave run percentage and eat at hp level as ABCL to use the ABCL? I left them at ABCL for both and the script starts and immediately ends:

    • [14:38:26] Script Started: aAgility [Premium].
    • [14:38:53] Disabled random solver: COMBATRANDOM.
    • [14:38:54] java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
    • [14:38:54] at scripts.aAgilityPrem.z(aAgilityPrem.java:900)
    • [14:38:54] at scripts.aAgilityPrem.mA(aAgilityPrem.java:4067)
    • [14:38:54] at scripts.aAgilityPrem.run(aAgilityPrem.java:4034)
    • [14:38:54] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744)
    • [14:38:54] Script Ended: aAgility [Premium]. 


    I tried setting values for both of them too, after hitting start the bot eats entire inventory of food when at full hp. It then runs to bank and deposits everything, withdraws the food I set, closes bank and eats the whole inventory at bank.

  5. This script dies on nearly every slayer task from the edgeville slayer master, I've lost several mill gp so far, soon ill be asking for a refund if this isn't fixed, I've died on ice giants, lesser demons and a few other monsters, my stats are more than enough to kill these monsters. Please have a look into this. I will babysit the script from now on and report back if i notice the reason why it keeps dying.

    Tip: Use rings of life, or don't set gear you don't want to lose.

    I consistently get 8+ hour progress reports on a 13 def account with no prayer, using vannaka. Check your settings.

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  6. I just started noticing that when making unfinished potions it double clicks the water filled vial then clicks the herb. Since it was double clicked the vial was never selected, it will pause for a second or two then retry clicking the vial. It does this every inventory. Barely slows it down but since it does it every inventory I feel like it would get noticed.


    Edit: It also does it when making potions, not just unfinished potions.

  7. Bought this because it said it was pure friendly, but I don't see many options that are specific towards pure safety,

    So I was curious if there's plans to make this excessively pure friendly or if it's just to use to set it up to be pure friendly?

    What do you mean by pure friendly? It doesn't change the combat style to defense if that's what you mean. I've only run this script on pures, never had an issue.

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  8. Hey, I have a question if im going for a obby maul pure with only str can i use this? and what do i need, dual rings,game nec, teleports anything else? plz tell me


    I used this to get 55 using only maul. I'm assuming you are under 40 cb so you would be using tureal. As long as you have a good ammount of food, attack potions, teleport tabs, rope, waterskins, ice coolers, shantay passes, and anti-poisons you will be able to run for long periods of time. You also need a lit candle lantern or better.


    If your over 40 cb then flag any warrior tasks. You will also need a brass key for hill giants. Since you can only get turoth tasks at 55 slayer, theres no reason to flag them..

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  9. Should be fixed next update. By the way, the bot will only go to your original master if the amount of tasks you completed modulus of 10 = 9. So, if you've completed 19 tasks, it will go to vannaka as you've set.


    Maybe I'm not understanding you but, that's what I had thought it would do.

    After completing its 9th task it continued to go to tureal for the 10th when it should've gone to vannaka.

    Is what your saying that it does 19 tasks with tureal then goes to the chosen master?

  10. What version were you running: 4.1.3

    What is your issue: I'm using fast slayer point mode, while I was watching it complete it's 9th task it teled to falador and ran to tureal to get the 10th task. Instead of running to vannaka which is what I had it set to.

    How do you think it happened exactly: Not sure, the paint said 9 tasks completed as well as the enchanted gem. Maybe the script mis-counted how many tasks it had completed.

    Severity rating (1-10): 10/10 I guess, if it never goes to the other slayer masters for the 10th task then "fast point mode" doesn't work at all.

    Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: Only saw it happen once, but I've only just tried fast point mode.



    While withdrawing potions for a task it will sometimes get stuck while right clicking the potion and won't move the cursor for 5+ minutes. Other times it will just not withdraw the potions at all.

  11. What version were you running: 4.1.1


    What is your issue: While doing an infernal mage task in the slayer tower it has trouble walking from bank back to the tower.


    How do you think it happened exactly:

    #1 - The bot follows the road back to the bank, but after it banks it tries to walk in a straight line to the tower (see picture 1). After it reaches the stores on the northwest side of canifis it then goes back to the bank, deposits everything then re supplies and walks normally following the road to the tower. 


    #2 - After banking the bot will run to the stores on the northwest side of canifis until it reaches that little river. It will click on the other side but before it can get there it clicks on the canifis side of the river so it turns around. (see picture 2) It repeats this for a few times until eventually fixing itself.


    Severity rating (1-10): 4, it never stops the script or gets stuck and just sits there. But it would seem suspicious if someone saw it happen.


    Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: For just this task I've seen it do it all 3 times when it had to bank, both #1 and #2.




    Picture #1 - Red is walking in a straight line to tower, yellow is going back to bank and then following the road.


    If it helps the Status of the bot says "banking" for the red path, it changes after it goes back to bank and resupplies.


    Picture #2


  12. This script is working nicely after the update thanks! I have just have a couple of suggestions. 


    If you could make it so the character only attacks crabs that are attacking him when the "attack all crabs" box is unchecked. It is kind of suspicious when theres only two people in a world and I'm on one side and then i run all the way over to their side just to attack the crab he isn't attacking. It also seems to attack other player's crabs constantly with the box unchecked, even if they are attacking them. If that affects exp/hr too much maybe a radius could be implemented. Where if there are loose crabs within a certain distance from the character they, will be attacked. Outside the radius they are ignored.


    Also the method you are using for water birth, while currently functional, is suspicious. Everyone who does water birth legitimately stands in-between the 3 spawns for the north side and lets the crabs attack them. The way this script does it is by running to each different spawn and standing on it, which is a lot of unnecessary movement. 


    A lesser issue would be how the script determines when the crabs aren't aggressive. I've seen it happen a lot of times where the bot would run to a crab at the same time as someone else did, it would start attacking the other person and the bot would run south thinking they were no longer aggressive. Maybe have it check twice each time before reseting the crabs.

  13. So the break initated when it was still not inside the abyss? If so, that makes more sense. Yes it overrides everything until the break is over and resume the script. However, i can make it do an action before the break starts which is already added.


    Is the abyss the inner ring with the different rune rifts or the area right when the zamorak mage teleports you? The break begins while inside the area after the mage teleports you. How would the action know when a break is coming? Unless breaks are able to be denied by the script. All of this is over my head haha  :D

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