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  1. I can't be 100% certain about my conclusion as I am never watching it when it happens. I have however seen the break initiate while the bot has just entered abyss, meaning: I saw the break message show up in the client debug and then the bot tried to log out while being attacked by abyss monsters. I didn't let things play out to see if it would continually try to log out until it teled/died so I manually went through an obstacle and then logged out. Is my understanding of the break system correct? That it pretty much overrides all actions of the script until said break is over, then it resumes the script? i.e. script is supposed to emergency tele at #hp level, but break is active so script won't take action and teleport away. If it is then thats what I think is causing my deaths.
  2. Verison #: Latest Altar: Nature Mode(Master/Slave/Abyss/Solo): Abyss Solo Obstacles selected (Abyss only): Chop, Squeeze Teleportation / Walking method: house runes - mounted glory Abyss debug: 0 Pause (true/false?) (abyss only): false:Squeeze-through Eat at and Emergency teleport % (Abyss only) eat 60, tele 50 Picture of setup of GUI : Anything the script printed that told you to post on the thread? I.E: Error #1 please post this on thread: Nothing Script stack trace (image of how to print stack trace here: [20:42:24] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [20:42:24] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(ek:18) [20:42:24] org.tribot.script.Script.sleep(ji:77) [20:42:24] scripts.exrunecrafter.ExRunecraft.run(ExRunecraft.java:200) [20:42:24] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744) Bug that occurred (Please be detailed) Don't know if any of the above applies to my issue but, I've been experiencing deaths every 5 hours or so of running. After some thinking I'm pretty sure it's caused by the Tribot break system. I believe that when the break is initiated the bot is inside the abyss, since it is being attacked logging out won't work. And obviously the script has went to sleep so it won't emergency tele. I can't find any fix for this other than not using the break handler for this script, but that reduces my profits as I try to bot safe. Maybe if there was a re-gear option that we could set so if the bot dies it will still appear human to other players. I know if I was abyss crafting legitimately and I saw someone doing the abyss with no gear and just a pickaxe, I'd report them haha, especially if I saw them before with gear on. Unrelated: Am I missing part of the gui? I'm on a mac and it won't extend the interior gui window when I maximize the whole thing. You can see where the death walk box gets cut off.
  3. Of Course, Verison #: Latest Altar: Nature Mode(Master/Slave/Abyss/Solo): Solo Obstacles selected (Abyss only): Chop, Squeeze Teleportation / Walking method: House Tab - Mounted Glory Abyss debug: N/A Pause (true/false?) (abyss only): N/A Eat at and Emergency teleport % (Abyss only) Eat at 60, Emergency tele at 50 Picture of setup of GUI : Anything the script printed that told you to post on the thread? I.E: Error #1 please post this on thread: N/A Script stack trace: N/A Bug that occurred (Please be detailed) Sorry, didn't note the Abyss Debug/Status/Script Stack as I figured it was just a matter of a failed random event. Script Stack was doing the Login cycle however. I know randoms are handled by the client but the bot was idling in lumbridge cellar for 14 hours after failing a random. Is there some sort of failsafe that should've stopped the script when something like this happens? If there isn't one, could you please implement something?
  4. Just bought the monthly version of this script and its going great! Just wanted to see what would be the best setup to maximize natures/hr. Obviously energy potions would help, but is there an obstacle in the abyss that would be the fastest to traverse with?
  5. This doesn't happen for me, on everyone of my accounts the only place I use this bot is at Varrock Yews. Speaking of which, I am experiencing problems with banking at Varrock. When I did a check on the bot it was clicking all over the minimap, inside the bank and outside. Luckily it wasn't doing it for too long as my logs/hr was still high, but say this happened overnight =/ I might try gnome stronghold yews for now, at least until varrock gets looked at. Still love this script though!
  6. Does this script support dragon pickaxe? If so I'll be buying it. If you need the id for it it is 11920
  7. Do you have an ETA for the water birth fix? I've been sent to the bot world a few times in the past couple of hours while doing east Relleka, so until Waterbirth is fixed I probably won't use this script. Thanks for the info
  8. What version were you running: 0.3.7 What is your issue: Bot will work okay up until the crabs become unaggressive, then it just sits there idling until you intervene. (on Waterbirth North) How do you think it happened exactly: Not sure, I'm guessing the bot can't tell when they aren't aggressive anymore. That or the script has a glitch somewhere which prevents it from reseting the crabs. [07:10:03] Your character has not moved in five minutes, please wait while the script thread is restarted. It gives this message but nothing happens afterwards, it still just idles. Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100% What is your issue: If the bot wakes up multiple crabs at once, it doesn't go after the unaggressive live crabs. (On Waterbirth North) How do you think it happened exactly: I don't know, maybe it's just not coded to do so. If it's not, could you please add the ability to attack the unaggressive live crabs that the bot causes to wake up. Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100% of the time when the bot wakes up multiple crabs at the same time.
  9. So over the past couple of a weeks I have been having some bugs with the varrock yew location. I think its just problems with the pathing to and from the bank. Most commonly it will get stuck somewhere along the red line on the minimap and be in a "login cycle" where the debug repeats: login started login successful login started login successful This one wasn't a huge issue for me as almost no one will pass through this area so chances of being reported were pretty slim. However this morning I was stuck here: This one is pretty bad, since anyone who was using that bank would see me sit there for hours. I'm guessing the bot ran into there on its own and tried to get out, and the door auto closed. If you could add a failsafe that logs out and stops the script after maybe 5-10 minutes of no movement, it would at least reduce the chance of bans from reports. Idk how hard it would be to write up a sequence that can get the bot out of situations like this and resume the task it had, but that would be the better option. For the failsafe, it could be like 15-30 minutes of no movement while at the tree location and 5-10 while away from trees i.e. banking. Thanks!
  10. Woah, I was checking on bot when I saw a guy say "Hi" to me. I was about to respond when I swear the bot did it for me lol. Then the guy said "how's it going?" and the bot said "good". Thats a nice touch Arckos
  11. I've used this script on like 5 accounts so far, only 1 ban. I think it was because I botted at sorcerers tower, high risk area IMO. The other 4 accounts are 90+, 1 is 99 with 18m exp.I've only done yews since that one account was banned, getting around 170-200 yews/hr on 1 account. Also, I've never been sent to a bot world.
  12. Working pretty fast while crafting armor another great script from Arckos! I just wish there was some sort of paint haha, also it doesn't seem to recognize bank chests as a bank. Like castle wars, etc. It'll craft whatever is in the inventory or if I manually open the bank its able to withdraw and then craft, it just won't bank on its own at a chest.
  13. Yeah I don't see a check box for it anymore
  14. Hey Arckos! Just wondering what happened to the "Progressively Chop" option on the gui? Was looking to start a new account and thought I'd be able to let it run all the way to 60+ without having to restart it.
  15. I've used the script for a few hours and its speed is amazing, if I was able to run it constantly I'd be almost 60 rc from 1 this morning. However I can't run it for more than an hour before it stops itself. I don't know how it happens exactly, but the bot either ends up using an extra tele on the ring or doesn't recognize that it has only 1 tele left and forgets to withdraw a second ring, leaving the bot inside the fire altar without a ring to tele out. It is a great script though, I was not expecting it to be as efficient as it was, being free. If you could add just a small failsafe to check the ring's charge, and if it is at (1) then it withdraws a second ring. It would be appreciated, thanks.
  16. Hey, I'm interested in purchasing this script from you since your Mute (i have your slayer script and it is amazing). I just wanted to know if there are issues with Waterbirth still, I've read through the pages of posts and it looked like there was some bugs.
  17. The easiest 99 I've ever gotten with a bot haha. Did it all at Falador East bank. It does get stuck occasionally behind bank but it gets back on track after a bit.
  18. I'm getting the same idling issue as some of the others are getting. [08:18:02] Login bot started.[08:18:02] Login Bot: Login...[08:18:23] Login bot succeeded.[08:23:18] We are breaking[08:23:18] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:10:42[08:34:21] Break Handler: Break ended.[08:34:21] All done breaking[08:39:26] Login bot started.[08:39:26] Login Bot: Login...[08:39:47] Login bot succeeded.[08:44:51] Login bot started.[08:44:51] Login Bot: Login...[08:45:12] Login bot succeeded.[08:50:17] Login bot started.[08:50:17] Login Bot: Login...[08:50:37] Login bot succeeded.[08:55:41] Login bot started.[08:55:41] Login Bot: Login...[08:56:02] Login bot succeeded.[09:01:06] Login bot started.[09:01:06] Login Bot: Login...[09:01:26] Login bot succeeded.And it was doing this for at least 4hours, it was all that was in the client debug. Was at varrock yews if that helps.
  19. It grabs the gear you are wearing in game and uses that to fill the slots in the equipment tab. If you are wearing nothing in game it won't show anything in the tab.
  20. Ooooooooooooh Jagex is getting tricky, good thing my bots haven't been world hopping.
  21. Hey, I'm interested in purchasing this script. I just wanted to know if it supports bare hand harpoon fishing?
  22. Haha My accounts have never hopped worlds, from the time you first implemented it to now.
  23. I think enabling the minimap orbs lets the script click the run orb instead of going into the menu.
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