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  1. I specifically bought this script for use on an obby mauler, got 55 slayer from 45 in a 2-3 days. It's amazing. You need to have a lot of tabs, ice coolers, rope, waterskins, food, etc. or it won't run continuously.
  2. Awesome script The reason the xp/hr is so bad is because it's running on a level 35-40 with 1 attack doing tureal only. Mute is very correct in saying that you can use this script on any account.
  3. Just noticed an option on the gui for "Progressively chop", what does it do?
  4. It seems to have solved it on its own. I moved them closer to the center of the row it was on and I haven't seen it happen since.
  5. What version were you running: 3.6.4 What is your issue: Gets stuck while withdrawing Super Attack pots How do you think it happened exactly: Unsure, maybe where they were located. Severity rating (1-10): 2, I watched it and it eventually closed bank and reopened on its own and was able to withdraw it correctly. It did waste 5-10 minutes doing this though. Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: Saw it happen twice. View My Video Sorry the vid is so bad, didn't know how to upload a gif https://imgflip.com/gif/6wmqc
  6. Dang, I should've stayed at varrock yews. 6k magic logs at sorcerers tower and banned
  7. What version were you running: The latest What is your issue: Account died while getting another task/banking. Not sure exactly as i wasn't watching when it happened. How do you think it happened exactly: The task I had previously was cave crawlers so I believe it was poison that killed me. The reason I think that is because I had gotten a cave crawler task again and my account had to rebank for food in the middle of the task. While it was walking back I saw that I was still poisoned and the script wasn't curing the poison. It makes me think that while the script knows to use anti poisons during a cave crawlers task, it doesn't know to heal poison outside of the task. Severity rating (1-10): I'd say maybe a 8 in severity as I'm doing this on an account that is only using tureal, so cave crawlers are quite common for a task. Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: Can't really put a number on it as it all depends on when the account runs out of food, or when the account finishes the task. Account could get poisoned right before either and the script would tell it to tele to bank/get another task and then the poison would get ignored. I only just bought this script today, but I can already tell how amazingly detailed it is. Its just that this issue would prevent any extended running periods. Added picture as it happened again while going back to cave crawlers. It also happened when task was finished and account was getting new task. It seems to be able to still eat while away from a task though, it had a full inventory before pic.
  8. I'm doing magics at sorcerer's tower and I've noticed a decrease in bots too. I just see it as higher logs/hr . On that note, the bot often likes to click on the minimap in a random place when all trees are out of logs. It seems very botlike to a user who isn't botting there. In fact during the weekend there was like 6 others at sorcerers tower and when the last tree ran out I saw every account run 5-10 steps in random directions haha.
  9. Whats a good level to start doing magic trees?
  10. I've been getting this message recently: [08:42:24] Script Started: Tree Tipper AIO.[08:42:27] Login bot started.[08:42:27] Login Bot: Login...[08:42:40] Login bot succeeded.[08:46:25] Login bot started.[08:46:25] Login Bot: Login...[08:47:16] Login bot succeeded.[08:48:05] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message:[08:48:05] Script Ended: Tree Tipper AIO. Not sure why its happening so frequently.
  11. Hmmmmmm, is it one of those private locations listed on the setup menu?
  12. I'm curious as to which location your doing yews at Arckos, I've been doing varrock cause it seems to have little to no people most days. But maybe the proximity of gnome or catherby to the bank overcomes the amount of people there?
  13. This script is awesome, one of the only ones I use that I don't have to worry about something messing up after long periods of time. If anyone is looking to start gold farming/personal botting, you won't find a more solid script than this. 5 instances for $5???????? no brainer
  14. Such a great script Wish I didn't have to end it.
  15. Loving this script man, hopefully reaches 24 hours
  16. The new location? Also bot got stuck in the middle of the route to varrock yews. Between west bank and staff store. [18:55:53] Break Handler: Break ended.[19:01:28] Login bot started.[19:01:28] Login Bot: Login...[19:01:39] Login bot succeeded.[19:06:45] Login bot started.[19:06:45] Login Bot: Login...[19:06:55] Login bot succeeded.[19:10:53] java.lang.RuntimeException: Idling for too long[19:10:53] at scripts.TreeTipper.TreeTipper.run(TreeTipper.java:122)[19:10:53] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744)[19:10:53] Script Ended: Tree Tipper AIO.
  17. I'm getting 150-160/hr at 84 wc with 10 min breaks every 1.5 hours. Very interested in a new location, especially if its empty and close to bank
  18. Its been getting stuck here while doing varrock yews, also I've had it get stuck somewhere in the "x" that I drew. It looks like its been happening every time it comes back from a break.
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