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  1. No they are disabled. My mistake, the script doesn't end when it runs outside bank, it runs back in and continues. However it does it quite frequently, anyone who sees me can probably tell its a bot.
  2. It just started to click on the mini-map outside of the pest control bank, once it gets out there the script ends. Has happened less than a hour after starting the script. Not sure why this is happening, I'm not getting anything from the debug. I'm stringing mage longs if it helps.
  3. I'm getting this message in the debug [12:18:32] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0[12:18:32] at scripts.MasterFletcherV30.g(MasterFletcherV30.java:377)[12:18:32] at scripts.MasterFletcherV30.m(MasterFletcherV30.java:1039)[12:18:32] at scripts.MasterFletcherV30.B(MasterFletcherV30.java:528)[12:18:32] at scripts.MasterFletcherV30.run(MasterFletcherV30.java:141)[12:18:32] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744)[12:18:32] Updating dynamic sig[12:18:33] Script Ended: Master Fletcher AIO. I'd say it does this once every 5 hours or so of running. Also like some others have said, it continually opens the GUI, several times every hour.
  4. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't read that post as I thought it only pertained to elite99s' question. Thanks so much for the info
  5. I'm still curious as to why the bot can't detect an ent random? Axe keeps breaking and ending the script.
  6. First I just want to say that I love this script, it has got me 60+ wc just over night. However when I went to check it this morning the script had ended and the account had a broken axe. I figured it was just mess up with the client, so I restarted it and a few hours later the same thing happened. Script had ended and axe was broken. Is this an issue with the tribot itself not being able to detect the ent random? or something on the scripts end? If it helps, I was doing willows at barbarian outpost and banking them, using all anti-ban options
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