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  1. Yes, I encourage any of you to seek my assistance.. I run an untraceable company out of India that provides 'legitimate' tech support and barely speak english XD
  2. That sounds pretty simple lol, not going to charge anyone for advice/solution to a simple problem. Can you PM me some more details just to avoid filling this thread with a conversation. I'll send you a PM just so it's easy to reply to.
  3. I realize I didn't put much info about me. Without literally doxing myself on a public forum, I'm 21 to 23 years old, I'm ex-military (never saw combat), I do indeed enjoy anime (profile picture ), I have my own car/transportation, and am just seeing if I can get enough of a following in this business to make myself a name.. like stated above, I'm probably offering too many services and ripping myself off, but whatever lol, I enjoy building computers and I have enough experience to where I know I can offer this service to others) That's about it. The way to go about this (if interested
  4. This might be something different in this section, but for people in my Area I'd be willing to not only build someone's computer for them, but also show them how it's done as it's happening and how to do it themselves. I've spent more time than I'd like to admit reading/watching all sorts of reviews, guides, and finally with real life experience. I run four computers simultaneously (one Skylake-based computer) and one AMD(am3+ older computer) for my bot farms and am looking to expand what I'm doing with my time. I may upload a tutorial video simply to further show my capabilit
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