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  1. I've been botting two accounts, both at the same time, both on the same computer, for the last week and a half and they're doing fine.


    I played on both of these accounts legit for a week or two, now I bot my regular playing hours, and shut them off when I go to sleep.


    Currently working on getting all skills 40+, so far combat is done. 


    I botted combat at rock crabs, which is usually a high banrate. 


    I don't know, seems fine to me. 

    I bot my pure and play legit on my main (which was mostly botted, stopped botting it on september since the ban rate went to the skies lol), and my pure was banned yesterday, i trained in the same spot (12-20 hours without breaks) 20-99 str and 30-85 ranged before getting hammered, i had lots of fun pking so I will probably just aim for 99 str and stop botting it, the account lasted roughly 55 days or so.

  2. The script got me 99 Str, took about 45 days (got it 2 days ago), and at the moment I'm training ranged with it and found a bug that I never had before.




    It stands there, it goes on a loop of changing between "handling the door" and "fighting alk..." and actually only stands there, probably just making the script use a little bit more tiles, or ignore the warriors at the palace.


    Thanks a lot Brad, been having lots of fun pking with the pure this script helped me a lot with.

  3. Hmm so your in opinion, Jagex doesn't link accounts/chain ban via IP?

    Are you 100% sure each account was used exclusively on their own IP, from tut island until ban, each account was only ever logged in from their one IP?

    6 Accounts were used on a unique IP each, I ran 4 on my normal IP together with my main/mule that I play legit, 10 accounts banned, my main which is in the first 100 ranks still untouched.


    In my opinion, VIPE didn't worked for me at all, not blaming anyone, as long as I make profit I really don't mind the bans.


    But if you can recommend me any provider that made your accounts last more than 2 days I would gladly buy their service to try VIPE again.

  4. I see that you're VIPE, did you use proxies at all/

    Yes, from 4 different providers, ranging from 50 cents per IP to up to $9 monthly, running 1 per different IP, came to the conclusion that it's not worth to have VIPE at all, at least not for me.


    I rather keep making 10 accounts each 1-2 days, still making better money than the "awesome" minimum wage I could be getting in my country.


    And to have my acounts running each day + creating new e-mails + transfering bonds etc, takes me barely 2 hours per day, and i normally get at least 20m cash in the first day, so if they get banned the next day I will just repeat the cycle.


    If I'm lucky enough to not have my accounts banned after the first day, the next day I normally make around $50-$60 of pure profit.

  5. I never have a problem with login limit, I have no idea why you would either.


    I have no idea, I use neither.


    Even 10 accounts would be a good $100/weekly on the side, honestly...a person that doesn't have alot of free time will get very tired quickly of making new sets of accounts every 24 hours, which is what I do currently.



    I make 50 accounts a day, by hand and stock them to get ready for the next ban cycle so that way there is no down time inbetween cycling out the accounts. 


    Been doing the same, already got used to the bans, main still untouched, it takes me about 2-4 hrs tops per day for dat $30+ extra, we will find ways to keep profiting, don't we? :)

  6. What's better vpn or proxy ? Ill run 20-25acc on one vds. 

    I've tried using private proxies, from ranges of 50 cents to up to $6 each, running 1 single account, still the same sht rates as if I ran all on the same IP, next month i'm going back to normal VIP, my accounts last anywhere from 1 to 14 days, mostly 3 days, even if I get banned the same day, I normally get at least $3 profit per account, I wouldn't advise doing anything less than 20 accounts, still a good $60 per day.

  7. There's no such thing as IP flagging, I've been botting 10 accounts everyday, 20/7 (each account lasts 24-72 hrs most of the time), I also play on my main using the same computer, haven't botted on it for about 5 months, and it's also my mule, I'm on the first 100 ranks atm, main still untouched.


    If you bot, you will get banned, period.

  8. So I have been following this and I will make some assumptions..

    Membership costs $7.95

    Gold sells for $2.5 pm ( less for bulk quick sales )

    20h per day farming ( 20 hours to bot like hell before ban if unlucky )

    You need to make 3.18m to cover cost of membership.

    So minimum of 159k per hour.

    Is it worth it? .. I don't know I mean simple math with guaranteed ROI means you would need a private script which can farm a minimum of 3.18m in 20h from the time the account is created until the mule xfer window basically gathering there is no time for training skills. Anything over that and lucky enough not to be banned is profit. Worth it.. IMO nope.


    You can exchange Osrsgp for Rs3gp 720k = 14 days of membership per account, after the first day you're already profiting, is it worth it? Well if you can make money easier irl then obviously is not worth the hassle of exchanging gp, making new accounts every week etc, otherwise, I can say I'm happy with the results I'm getting at the moment.


    And also I've found Private IP's for cheap and it barely adds per month, just need to get Vip extended, and I will be using the 30 Bonds I bought.

  9. I really don't take any precautions, I trade all my GP straight over without anything in return. 200+M/Weekly...never had a mule banned before for RWT/Goldfarming before.

    Even when the account is similar to it, they never ban the mule. Say I have accounts named: Account1/Account2/Account3/Account4/Acccount5(Mule), even if A1-4 get banned, my mule never gets hit.

    Same, and my mule is in the first 200 ranks of Osrs lol.

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