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  1. I might once I get it up to a decent speed, but for now it's free:P Updated. Re-wrote most of the main code so there may be some bugs. If you find any report them here. Speed increased. Currently getting 240ish chins.hour in one of the low-pop locations. You are seriously working hard on this script , also check your pm's if you can, thanks again for working on this script.
  2. zsand


    Trenbolone It's an AAS with the highest side effects, so I would be cautios, if you want to use it just to look lean at the beach, i recommend that you don't, unless you can make a living off of your image, i wouldn't use ASS, anyways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS5tmscU...MS&index=6 Goodluck, and don't die, lol. And i rather use test than Anavar, test is cheaper and will increase your TDEE, both in low dosages and on cycles of -8 weeks have almost to none side effects, but anavar ain't that good for cutting.
  3. Tap is a retard and mostlikely a minion of Gary Taubes, calories in and out means everything, know anything about basic physics and the laws of thermodynamics? Also Novo lipogenesis (convertion of sugar to fat tissue) is extremely rare in humans, most studies are done in mice. Carbs convert to sugars?, Them are converted to glucose, primary fuel for High intensity training, you barely see any real elite athlete doing retarded keto diets. Starving yourself? Lmao im cutting with 350gr ch/200 gr p/65 f, per day and 450 ch on refeed day and still losing around 1 lb per week at 9% bf, go read some books you retard. Also if you do reasearch, something i doubt by the amount of retarded sht you just posted, you would see that as long as the body is on a surplus you will gain weight no matter what, go eat 10k cals worth of fat and you will gain fat you silly uneducated moron. inb4 even more butthurt uneducated morons start using the retarded snowflake fallacy/thread.
  4. zsand

    C4 or Craze?

    Get Totalis from Smart Powders, and if you still need more energy just add some caffeine pills (them are cheap), most prop blends are full of shtty stuff.
  5. zsand

    Some stuff.

    Ye, definetly Mr. Trenbolone, i'll link the channel of a guy that talks openly about steroids on youtube, so if you want to know about that compound or others, also it's an AAS with the highest side effects, so I would be cautios, if you want to use it just to look lean at the beach, i recommend that you don't, unless you can make a living off of your image, i wouldn't use ASS, anyways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS5tmscUmkM&list=PLn4s_o7jGPTAYS7A9HFY-HfttzQ0iJAMS&index=6 Goodluck, and don't die, lol.
  6. Why people would take advise from someone who doesn’t seem to even know what anabolism/catabolism is, being "catabolic" means there will be a breakdown of protein/fats/carbs (not in any particular order), so if you are on a calorie deficit, you will be obviously catabolic and you obviously want to be catabolic, because otherwise you won’t be using any fat or any anything as energy and always on a deficit you are risking to breakdown muscle (even on a moderate deficit), really it’s not even funny when people give advice out of their asses, you can make people waste their time and damage their metabolisms "reps level 3 qualified" lmao, if anyone wants advice, don’t ask from Op he is blatantly ignorant on the subject. http://www.jissn.com http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed www.alanaragon.com And if you are still going to recommend keto for everyone at least guide them to someone that really knows what it involves. http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/ Better read than follow retarded advise/thread. Also inb4 butthurt people.
  7. I rather be coached by http://www.3dmusclejourney.com/, but anyways, IF is not a diet, is just a timframe of eating, and at the end of the day as long as you get your required calories to gain or lose weight, you will be fine, it can be done in 1 meal or in 1947139473 meals, it doesn't matter, and also i tried the U.D. by Lyle and tbh i rather have more carbs on a regular basis, than deplete glycogen with long ass workouts, not fun.
  8. Thanks for the information, now it's time to read the API
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