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  1. I could try some of those methods next week and we could work together, the problem is, I always had bad luck with wc/spinning flax lol.
  2. About $900, my older brother built it for me so it was cheaper, also keep in mind that I live in Mexico, so some of the parts were more expensive.
  3. With time, I would suggest starting with 5/10 accounts, then after you're used to it (you eventually get used to, no other way around it lol), you can go with 15/20 and so on, also try doing some research and try to use the same method for all the accounts, I did some research and I need about 1 day of botting with 2 accounts (Refer a Friend) to pay for the pin/card, then after the first day everything is profit, and even if it takes less than 5 days to get banned, i'll still be profiting, My i7 was running 20 clients + 1 rs3 client + Winamp at about 85% tops, good luck.
  4. Glad to see you opened a thread to help people out again Mench, your old thread got me into farming, most I had was 20 Thievers, and all of them got banned on 24 Sept, quit botting for about 7 weeks and I'm back, I'm trying to get Vip at the moment, and then back to the farming grind, I gathered a little over 1.2b in total before my farm was owned, was able to pay my i7, a vaporizer, and have cash left to start farming again, good luck to everyone.
  5. Got 3 banned today lol, I botted 16-20/7 on them for almost 20 days straight before ban, time to make more.
  6. The bug of clicking superheating too fast, is almost fixed, now it does it maybe 1 inv each 6-10 a lot better than before, thanks again Brad. Started superheating so I can reach 85 smithing faster to test your other script, almost at 83 smithing.
  7. Will test adamant bars tomorrow, (been busy irl lol), and will attemp to describe the problems if I encounter any, thanks again.
  8. Good luck, can't wait to try it, if you are able to send me a pm when it's ready to be released it would be relaly appreciated.
  9. zsand


    Awesome Good luck.
  10. My cock is ready, or am I too late to say that? ;( good luck with the development lol.
  11. Bump for a good script, got me 70 Magic from 43 and 72 Smithing via Steel bars, it would be awesome if you could put the speed of the mouse optional like in your Smelter/Smither script, as most of the times it clicks superheat too early and it makes it idle for some seconds, if it happened a few times it wouldn't be that big of a problem, but it normally does that each 1-2 inventories, or maybe slow down the speed while superheating. Thanks again. Edit: Omg happy 500 posts to myself lol.
  12. Will try soon after I make more accounts, got a little demotivated after the last ban wave, prepare to have moar progress reports/bugs reports, good day Brad.
  13. Still learning. :D

  14. Thanks for adding gems! Will be testing soon, I love you full h0m0 srs. :D:D:D
  15. Too bad you lost your info, it was an awesome script, keep the awesome work, i'm wondering what's next, a Barrows/NZ script?
  16. Pmed, also this spot is reserved for some progress reports after I'm able to start using the newest version!
  17. Awesome, and If need an account to test Neitiznot, I'll gladly lend you the account, as I'm questing an account for boosting NZ, thanks again.
  18. Posting for the queue list, cannonballs are buggy with the version I have, got 2 accounts to 70 smithing via iron bars/cannonballs, probably made about 70k cannonballs, and 70k iron bars, thanks a lot.
  19. I have to left for about 2 hours, hoping to receive that sneaky new version to test it.
  20. Paint looks really good too! Also the version I had, just found a different bug, it doesn't recognize ring of forging, it keeps withdrawing and wielding 1, even when it was already wearing one.
  21. @Maxx lol you ain't smart if you think that talking that way to the developer will make him fix a script, you have 3 options here mate. 1-Fix it yourself 2-Make your own script 3-Keep getting butthurt and blame scripters.
  22. No, thanks to you for improving and sharing your awesome work.
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