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  1. Used earlier version, and is flawless. Thanks a lot.
  2. Small bug. State: Clicking bar, and was just trying to clic on the furnance without a bar, it stayed like that for about 3 hours while doing cannonballs, first time it happens.
  3. Glad to hear, trying to get some more Coal at the moment
  4. Don't worry, and being able to use the script is enough payment
  5. It randomly ended in that spot. Small suggestion list. It always withdraws Mithril ore twice, it would be good to withdraw a fixed number such as "10" instead of clicking the "X" option and typing "8" Also, choosing a fixed number from the interface such as "5" is more than enough for Mithril/Adamantite/Runite, and "10" is enough for Steel. Sometimes it will misslick under the Mithril bar interface at Furnance, saw it doing it up to 3 times before actually clicking it correctly. The biggest problem with random numbers is, most of the time you will find yourself typing random numbers in the Public chat. Thanks again! Will be adding Adamantite/Runite progress tomorrow most likely.
  6. Small weird bug while doing Cannonballs, it seemed to walk close to the crafting/scimitars shop infront of the Al-Kharid palace. It was logging in and out, I had to manually move it back to the furnance.
  7. Thanks for the script, I have 70k iron bars wandering on my bank, will post some pics soon, thanks a lot! Also a small suggestion if it's not added yet, Yanille support would be awesome.
  8. Awesome to hear, at the moment working on Cannonballs and Mithril Progress report, bought 10k mith ores for 320 ea, hopefully won't take that much time to finish, got 1-57 Smithing on 2 new accounts that I made for testing the script so far, thanks for your work on improving the script.
  9. Wasn't able to take a pic becuase I left, but when i was back one of my accounts made 1.5k+ Mithril bars, and one ran 6-7 ish hours doing Iron bars flawlessly, and atm working on a 3+ hour progress report of Cannonballs, which seems to be flawless too, only feedback on Mith bars, is clicking on the "make 10" interface instead of typing a random number, other than that, awesome work, as always. Will try to get a progress of Mithril/Adamantite today. Cannonballs.
  10. Left 1 Account doing Cannonballs and another Mithril, will be back in 4-5 hours from chilling at the forest, see ya later.
  11. Yes the small bug was for steel bars, as you can see, it probably happened just when I came back to check on the accounts as I still was making 620+ bars per hour at the 5 hour mark, Iron seems really flawless except for the small "00" or "0" problem, will try Cannonballs/Mithril on those 2 accounts now, and aim for a 1 hour run of adamantite/runite, just need to find some runite in the market for my "report" lol, will be posting more reports. Thanks again. Also sorry for not posting earlier, I just returned from chilling with some friends.
  12. Awesome, just returned from the Cinema, I'm leaving again, I found a bug with steel bars, but as you can see in the progress reports everything went really good, except for the bug, it didn't bank the steel bars and withrawed coal, and was running back and forth, from bank to furnance, without banking the steel bars, and withdrawing the iron ores, maybe a small failsafe. , See ya tomorrow.
  13. I have to leave in 1 hour, will post the progress reports before I leave, When I come back i will test Mithril/Adamantite/Runite on my main, just to see if they work. Leaving now, will leave 1 account doing Iron Bars and the other Steel bars, hopefully i'll be able to post a good 4+ hour progress report, thanks for the hard work.
  14. Testing Bronze and Iron at the moment, will test Cannon balls, and Mithril soon. Bronze working well. Iron working well with Rings of Forging, only feedback I can give at the moment is, make it type maybe a fixed number, normally i would type "33" as it's close in my keyboard, sometimes the numbers will be so random, I caught it typing 2 times "00" lol, other than that is going really well. Also I think it would be good to only use the "X" option for Bronze/Iron/Silver/Gold, Steel/Mithril/Adamantite/Runite are fine with the "make 10" option.
  15. Oh well, i'm waiting patiently for new version already have 10k steel bars + 30k iron/60k coal in 2 different accounts, good luck with the development of the script, also if I recall correctly using silver to get crafting exp, used to be not that expensive, and is not that different from gold.
  16. Tomorrow i'll try to get some silver bars, i don't know if you are adding silver items also
  17. Waiting patiently for version V0.004, already created 2 new accounts ready to start making cannon balls.
  18. Thanks for the info, now I'm just waiting to see if Jamflex calmed down on the bans already lol.
  19. Will try to get some progress reports with the new script, thanks for the work.
  20. The script is good, but just got 3 permanent bans (goldfarmer) Druids are still a hotspot lol, even the sneaky places like Yanille that requires 82 thieving, just a heads up.
  21. Tried using Bronze bars, but it was taking out 14 copper/tin ore smooth, and instead of walking to the furnance with the items on the bag, it would deposit all, and go without ores to the furnance, and then get stuck on a loop of trying to make Bronze bars without ores at all. Id's Runite bar 2363 Runite ore 451 Adamantite bar 2361 Adamantite ore 449 Mithril bar 2359 Mitril ore 447 Coal 453 Silver ore 442 Silver bar 2355 Gold ore 444 Gold bar 2357
  22. Will post progress later, just made a new account and got supplies for it to do bronze, iron, steel and mith bars, if the exp rates are ok for gold, I will do my best to lend you an account that can acces other banks such as Neiznot (or w/e it's spelled lol), thanks again.
  23. Sometimes will click on superheat so fast that won't actually superheat and will idle for some seconds, in the long run it makes the superheating slower, that's with adamantite bars, and with gold bars it will normally superheat about 6-8 before it clicks so fast on super heat and then on an ore that you won't actually superheat, making the account idle for a while, maybe adding a longer wait between superheats. I remember getting with older versions almost 100k magic/smithing phr with gold ores, now i'm barely getting 60kish exp in both becuase of the idling and constant fast casting on superheats. Thanks again. Maybe an option to choose mouse speed in between casts.
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