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  1. Been running it smoothly for cleaning unids/making unf/making finished pots and grinding items. It's just flawless.
  2. Working better than before, more accurate attack of Npc's and more accurate looting, more experience per hour than before (about 6k-7k more) herb counter seems to be working well also, just a small suggestion, I tried using "0" trout and it was taking out "2" of them, with 50+ defence and full Mithril, you won't use any food at all, also if you could make it that as soon as it kills a druid it goes and attack instantly another one, and while it's attacking the druids it's also searching for the loot, it would increase the exp about 5k-6k more, I ask for this, becuase there is a private script that I have to compete with, which does what I described, and it's just leaving me without much druids left to kill, a lot of times i'm idling becuase of this, i had to hop becuase on my world there were 2 accounts with the same script, I was barely getting 1 druid once in a while, other than that, it's really worth buying. Awesome job. Also waiting so I can buy more auths. First time I'm able to run it for 6+ hrs without a problem, also thanks for the new update, this script getting better and better, need to leave for 2 hours, when I come back I'll buy more auths, thanks again.
  3. Will try soon, will post progress reports, thanks a lot.
  4. Sometimes will idle becuase it gets the account you're using on top of the banker, so won't actually bank the cooked food and just keep logging in/out, other than that, i love your scripts lol.
  5. Thanks, it's working again, and seems to be better than before.
  6. If its trying to use the far booth, you will probably have to do Dream Mentor quest, also runescape just updated, don't know if this script still works, but thanks for another awesome release, you seem to love runecrafting.
  7. zsand

    Fire RuneCrafter

    Warfront, thanks for keep working on the scripts even with the hate you're receiving, I own quite some auths and still tell you thanks for giving something to the community.
  8. It looks really good, will buy some auths soon, most methods are fked really bad lol.
  9. Love it, back to botting.
  10. Banking not working after the update, everything else (looting/combat/interacting with objects) works as usual.
  11. Lol i remember that, been gold farming for about 5 years, ahh my best time was with graahk rcers, and got 6 accounts banned at FD just for that reason, free scripts lol, not only the herb market, also whatever that has to be with thieving, seeds/gems, etc..
  12. I hope it's at least 70k phr becuase my other method crashed from 85k-90k to 50kish lol, and i need to move my accs to another place, but thanks for the heads up, if I see that the method is just not that good i will only stay with 1 auth instead of buying loads.
  13. Lol at people getting butthurt, i've seen the work of Druid and it's pretty good, "hurr durr letzzz b0tz wc it's nut li3k is BAN-CITY, hurr durr let's blame it on teh scr1ptz0rs", lmao. If you bot you will eventually get banned, now stop crying and go bot something else. Also @iBot4fun, you don't seem to be enjoying botting at all lawl.
  14. Just added you on skype, will go to take the dog out fast, then i'm ready to trade you rsgp, will buy 1 auth, see how well it goes, and after that most likely will buy 8-15 more auths, hopefully we can work out a deal soon.
  15. yes, the problem is, there is a free abyss script, and i'm already seeing 4 accounts of same level with name "weptwtypwetyiwt" so there will be probably some bot busting going soon.
  16. Hopefully i can buy some auths today, also how much profit on average is the script, 100kish phr?
  17. Keep grinding it Brad, and I neither have the time to play, i just set up my accounts, go to study/work and hopefully I will enjoy Gdw on my main when the times come lol.
  18. Dw Brad, script is flawless for me still, the only problem i'm having is the bots busting lol, received 3 ("moderate" bans, 1 day), i lol'd cuz i've been running the 3 accs on the same world 24/7 lol, good luck with school and work.
  19. Thanks, can't wait to start training my accounts there :
  20. I appreciate the words, but i've been preparing for gdw (chinning/bursting) so wasn't able to keep up with the thread, sorry
  21. Used a lot of accounts from same IP?, sorry to hear that, my main is still going strong, sorry for your loss :/.
  22. Only been using the script for ardy knights on my accounts, didn't saw you added more smexy paint to the Master Farmers, keep the good work Brad, and hope that you can use your Skype soon lol.
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