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  1. Selling 4 TRIBOT Credits for OSRS GP Contact me
  2. After using this script for 4 months , i now died 2 times last 3 days , 11k nats gone. I never died before. Are there other people who died last days. Tip from me: ' USE A RING OF LIFE ' !!
  3. sorry to say, but worst update so far tri , i lost my runes, it open also magpie sometimes and it catch more low imps then ever. instead of getting 300k+/hour, now i getting 70k hour and lost 10k nats , 20k water/earth. plz update soon
  4. need to be fixed after last runescape update Client is freezing when it goes to bank
  5. only getting 200k now , because of to many people and imps are not selling that well anymore , because to much people sell them
  6. Got some questions 1. When using B2P, Will it loot bones till inventory is full or will there Always be a empty spot in the inentory ? 2. Will it eat to make room in inventory when using B2P for loot something else instead of bones ( something with higher value )
  7. Someone knows if there will be soon a Runescape Oldschool Update for Kingly's and Zombie Implings ? This update will increase GP/Hour Much !!
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