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  1. hello i am super interested in your Tau script maker. i saw you had a link for its development as well, which is sadly expired by now. i was wondering if you were still working on it at all, or if you would be willing to share the source code with me? I would be surely grateful and ofc keep it private. 

    1. samshi


      unfortunately, i think hes a goner... ;c

  2. I see I've been gone for so long that I now have some GE merching bot competition! You snooze, you lose at its finest ? Honestly though, looks great! Gonna be hard to compete with should I choose to eventually reboot my old GE bot. But don't worry, that will be months from now at earliest, considering I'm not even a regular Scripter anymore, much less a Premium Scripter!
  3. Seems like you already have this in mind, but I will say it anyway: I strongly recommend doing what my GE bot did, and never offer undercutting as an option. I had that in my script for no less than a week, and the damage to the RS economy just from that was visible, especially on commonly traded items. That aside, the script looks great! Good work!
  4. Define "monkfish"? Is this the amount of monkfish TRiLeZ has stolen? Because if so, that number will be in the trillions.
  5. So others (hopefully) don't, hence the "PSA" in the title.
  6. I agree entirely with @Final Calibur. Your bug "report" did little more than accuse the scripter of incompetence. You left out key pieces of information. Also, the way in which you utilized language would have led me to believe that your report was not worth seriously looking into, as you didn't even take the time to proof your comment, which was less than a paragraph in length. If you are behaving in this manner because it is how your customers act towards you, perhaps you should shift your mindset to "I will be better than that" rather than "I have to deal with this, so I have the
  7. i have the same problem

  8. Guest

    What do do when I type a item in the offer slot and then it says no results, which leads to me being unable to add the buy limit.. please help me out here.


  9. There's a link to it in my signature. When I get the chance I'll also put a clearly visible one in the Tau GE OP as well. Thank you. And yes, you are correct; I have been going through what I can only describe as mental hell over the last year or so. It's been very hard, and very unpredictable. In other news, something came up and I am not sure I will be able to fix the bug today. I'll do my best to find the time, but it'll probably be tomorrow. But again, I promise I'll do what I can to fix the bug. FYI, my PSU died 5 months ago and decided to take the rest of my computer down
  10. So everyone here is aware, my last login date is not an accurate reflection of my dedication to my script. Over a year ago, I hired a team to help me provide support for my users. My life, in short, completely fell apart. I've been rebuilding myself ever since, and it has taken more out of me — in terms of both time and energy — than I could have possibly imagined. My lead support agent (and now what I consider to be a close friend), @Butta, agreed to contact me personally should any urgent issue arise. This is why I have logged in to address these issues now. In any case, as multiple peo
  11. Announcement I've been working on fixing the idle bug for the last 4-5 hours or so. It doesn't happen very often (obviously often enough to be a problem, though), so it's proving to be difficult to find the root of the problem. Chances are I will have to get some sleep and then get back at it tomorrow. Rest assured that the issue is being addressed as my number one priority. Important: Anyone who has screenshots, stack traces, GIFs, or any other pieces of information that could potentially prove useful in identifying the cause of the bug, please post them in my Discord Bug Reports Ch
  12. TRiBot definitely isn't outdated, don't worry! Some scripts have been updated more recently than others, but just because a script is old doesn't mean the script doesn't work well and isn't kept up to date.
  13. This won't be an issue, don't worry. Announcement I ask all current and prospect Tau script users to please join the Tau Discord Server to get top quality, fast support, help from other Tau GE users, and just hang out and talk. If you want to get in contact with me personally (I would highly recommend going through one of my support agents — such as @Butta, for example — before contacting me due to my incredibly busy schedule, but if you absolutely must get in contact with me, Discord is almost always going to be your best bet. First, try mentioning me in a message via the
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