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  1. That is a very fair response, and I completely understand! I will happily just switched to range. Thank you!
  2. @Ark I'm maging and that is the best prot prayer against them when in mage gear :). Also, just noticed the regular pray has ultimate strength and incredible reflexes clicked on as an fyi. Best would be to allow choice, but that sounds tricky lol. If it's doable, awesome and much appreciated if not, I completely get it!
  3. @Arklast thing with the mith dragons, can you have it pray range and not magic, or a selection where I can choose what to protect? Thank you!
  4. Yes, nothing is the prayers tab and I deleted all of the profiles withing the .tribot folder... sorry to be a pain. Appreciate the help!
  5. @ArkHuh, that is weird. I did delete all of my profiles and I still do not see mithril dragons. Any other advice?
  6. @Ark can you have it allow prayer against free farm mith dragons? thank you!
  7. @Ark thanks for all the updates! For some reason, mine is still skipping/lagging the same as before but overall the script still runs fine so no real complaints. Quick question, do you have any plans of adding mithril dragons to the monster pool? Appreciate the fast responses, great script!
  8. @Ark Thanks! This happens continually once you press start on the script.
  9. @Ark See the attached, I have the bot running to start, the i shut it off and the lag or stuttering stops. Hope this helps!
  10. Heyo! For some reason, the bot is stuttering a lot today after about a week of good non stuttering gameplay. Any idea why? Tribot runs osrs perfectly and when I start the script the stuttering occurs. Thanks!
  11. hi all, haven't used this script in a little while... any recommendations on gear for a 99 range 97 mage account? Currently running ahrim/karils swap with bp and Trident as well as cape swaps. open to any suggestions, happy holidays to all
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