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  1. why cant i disable/uncheck the examine in the antiban section? it keeps right clicking a lot of the times which makes it seem bot-like to me.. =[
  2. is anyone having issues with this script? at rellekah (or anywhere else) it seems to Right Click on everything. Is there a settings issue i'm missing?
  3. When: Stops after 0- 3 mins after active since the update last night Where?: Pollnicneach Roof What happened: after the first lap, it stops many times. it stops as soon I climb up to the roof without taking another step I didn't change the settings to eat sharks, energy potions, etc, I simply clicked on the script, and selected Pollnivneach Roof. That's it. It would end the script as soon your climb the first building without taking another step on the roof, at position x 3351 y 2964
  4. it still has issues. 1. while using a rune axe, i'm trying to cut yew trees at gnome village. sometime between 1 min to an hour around there, it logs off. 2. while using my dragon axe, i'm trying to cut magic trees at seer's village. sometime between 1 min to an hour around there, it logs off. is this issue being fixed? this is happening for a very long time =[
  5. thank you for replying. Well, I don't know how to fix things with TriBot.. Well,... Here's one of my troubles I have with Botting. Randoms, it seems to me even though after logging on, went to "Scripts" and click on the Random Responder thing, it appears to not respond with the Frog. I'm not even sure if this is the best place to report this to.. How do I fix issues like these?
  6. for some reason, despite trying every method in enhancing "client" and settings changing and changed, I never had things modifed to at least Bot for more than 12 hours. Is there something with my account or something?
  7. 6397 Tree Tipper AIO Arckos 10 COMPLETED Fri, 20 Dec 2013 07:07:24 +0000 I bought this because this is what was being offered. but this 10 dollar script is only for certain amount of instances cause it keeps logging me out? it says you have a 25 dollar script for "unlimited" instances, but what are instances to begin with? Wasn't Tree Tipper AIO the unlimited instances one? sorry for these questions, just frustrated. I hope you can help or something.
  8. sorry, that was the FRUSTRATION speaking, should I show you a picture how I had my settings? idk what or how much explaination you need....
  9. on the gnome stronghold place, it can't cut the yew trees that are right NEXT to it? I'm talking about the South West Bank at Gnome Stronghold, the one RIGHT NEXT TO IT.
  10. I've been having the same issue, I hope you're looking into this. I know its just 6 dollars, but for something that doesn't cut and deposits logs to banks for more than 1 minutes after filling your inventory then walk everywhere, you could add that to the details if its going to stay like this. lol got our hopes high for nothing. Our days are running out.
  11. [$6/3m] Does this mean 3 palyers or 3 months.. or days. Just want to make sure if the length of this updated.
  12. GUI? where is that? and thank you for having some FAST customer service! and I'm new to the site.. what is teamview... I'm sorry if this is a hassle..
  13. how do you make this to cut, drop maple trees... its only walking everywhere.. what's going on?
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