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  1. I'll buy all m8 if you srsly selling add my skype mattbroski
  2. Had this guy make me a chin script he tested it out with me fix the bugs was always there to assist me with any questions once he finish the script its been running flawless so far great movment great xp per hour cant complain this guy is truely amazing and I vouch for his service my first hour test run after him sending me the files
  3. Talking to you on skype right now for a chinner bot working out the details order is in process!!
  4. His is broken and a script like this is much needed in the community if someone is making this script would be nice to make it premium
  5. Seems like 07 going to hit a slump if this thing passes giving sorta the best of both worlds back to rs3 if implemented right
  6. talking to you right now in process of finishing script order Completed srsly one of the best scripters i seen great service will be using again made more then a business partner but a m8 keep doing what you doing got my vouch!!
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