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  1. wont grab current gear.... so when I go into zulrah client freezes.
  2. Has anyone been banned using this yet? I used it probably a year ago and looking into buying again just wondering if its still safe?
  3. I just feel a bit late down really, I never even got my money worth, I got about 30 kc using the script
  4. They just want more money. Simple as that.
  5. bit shit that I need to now buy this script again if I want to use it? what was the point in "life time" if it then gets taken away...….not a happy customer
  6. Anyone offer a torso server at a decent price?
  7. i done an ankou task and got 4 emblems
  8. yeah ill keep trying haha good script though, only downside it didn't see to tell me when to change range gear but told me when to pray magic and use eagle eye. i did do the grab gear and it had my void range there.
  9. bought the script and still died haha
  10. ok will give the trial a try and see what its like. thanks
  11. Is there any chances of getting banned using this? If so don't really want to risk my account
  12. i used goldkfc.com. not one problem
  13. how do i check how long of vip ive got left?
  14. daza12344

    Cannon AFK?

    possibly the combat script by assume
  15. daza12344

    fight caves?

    Hi, is there a script that will help wit fight caves? ect what 2 pray/to stand
  16. Hi bought vip its almost coming to an end will it auto renew or do I have to cancel it?
  17. why would you risk botting on an account like that lmao
  18. Tbh I only wanted 85 range and 80 str then I was just going to pk ha
  19. Maybe mate but I bought the nmz like a week ago and I've just used thst since
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