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  1. Nice script for training with little profit. Please add option to disable rsbuddy api, it just stands and dies when api not working. Also sometimes just stands and clicks the tile underneath for a while. Same thing with your AIO Combat & Magic script. Probably clients problem?
  2. Good script! Could you add vengeance and lunar tele to khazard?
  3. Thanks for the update. Was testing this out and ran smoothly until Al-Kharid course, it walked to the gate and then teleported to CAMELOT and started running back there. Make it walk around the fence or even better - give an option to use the glory teleports to Draynor and Al-kharid.
  4. Stuck again and it was in a PVP world, was logged out when I found it though.
  5. It gets stuck at Rellekka course and thus cannot be used there, will post a screenshot later.
  6. Script works exactly as I wanted it, thanks!
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