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  1. Your fault you decided to bot. Go back to botting again on a fresh account.
  2. I just dropped you a PM on the forums, also just so you know I have in fact made attempts to talk to someone on your site, here's a bit of proof:
  3. I've been trying to get in contact with your support for the longest time. I want to know why my cpu usage spikes to damn near 100 when I'm running just two injection clients on the standard package thats supposed to be able to handle around 10 'regular clients'. So far i've had more trouble than contentment. At this rate, I'd like to request a refund.
  4. Virmach is great, proxies are subscription based and with each proxy you buy you get 1 free renewal, perfect for botting!
  5. My VPS suddenly lost connection and everytime I try to reconnect the connection is refused by the host. Does this mean it's restarting? If so, how long does the process normally take?
  6. pls upd8 @TRiLeZ thanks gotta start botting soon!
  7. I haven't received any at all as of yet. As I said before I opened the dispute in advance in case I wasn't able to receive my credits. I don't see a problem with that at all. I'll also be canceling the dispute if I get the credits before the dispute is resolved, or in the worst possible case I get the credits after the dispute has been handled by PP I'll gladly send him his money back on PP to cover the negative balance. Some screenshots of my token balance & purchase history in the sdn
  8. As I've said with others -- Its not hard i either get the credits or i get a refund and if I do get the credits I can close the dispute. This isn't even considered a legitimate scam report against me seeing as how I don't even have any credits and I've (or thought I did) explain what I'd do in the chat.
  9. Hello, I've tried purchasing credits via paypal but the option isn't there so I sent a friend money on paypal to purchase the credits and transfer them to my account. Now he has the credits, but theres apparently a credit transfer limit of 5 per month? I'd like to get that resolved tribot staff pls assist
  10. If you didn't know, all rares are essentially just cosmetics. Also, took over 900 hops to claim myself a scythe.
  11. According to his xp/hr it was 228 an hour he must of traded some off Yeah I trade them off daily so the rate/hr is kind of off, hah.
  12. Made it to like, 56 hours but the bot magically crashed ; ;
  13. Some quick proggies on two accounts. Mind you that I'm sharing a spot with like 3 other bots in the area, I don't mind as long as I'm not crashed :>
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