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  1. First from black demons in the Chasm, it teleports back to GE for supplies. It then goes back to the fairy ring where it teleports back to the Chasm. After teleporting to the chasm it runs to the wrong side one time and then teleports back to GE with the wealth, repeating this process until it runs out of wealth charges. When it has no more wealth charges it continues doing the same with a duelling ring. I believe it finally logs out after the duelling ring has crumbled.
  2. The ring issue seems to be fixed now, great:) New problem I'm running in to today is getting back to black demons after resupplying at GE. It stays in a loop where it teleports with the fairy ring and then back with wealth/RoD. Happened to 2 of my characters. They also did not log out!
  3. I don't know what's going on but I caught my characters not equiping the correct ring since yesterday. I saw this happening on at least 2 different cases. It simply keep the duelling ring on and keeps the (in this case berseker ring) in inventory. When I manually re-equiped the proper ring I found it with 3 duelling rings in inventory. Can't give much more information atm.
  4. Getting anywhere from 20-25k per hour on my maxed combat main with 87 slayer. Not using a cannon obviously.
  5. Hey, still really satisfied with the script so far. I can now safely let it run multiple hours without running in to any trouble. Until today when I got an Iron Dragon task. For some reason it still won't click the crevice to the extra iron/steel dragon area in brimhaven. It will just click the area where the dragons are. I had this same problem a few days ago and haven't had such a task since. I though this had been fixed. Lastly, I noticed the script cancelled my suqah task. Could there be any particular reason for that? or is this hardcoded? I personally don't see the need as it's an easy and low cost task.
  6. Hey, even with the latest update and using tribots' latest version, it doesn't pick up various valuable drops. On my current Aberrant spectres task for example; my settings are "Loot over 5000", it picks up ranarr weeds and rune full helmets but it did not loot a mystic robe bottom. I have seen things happen like this multiple times:(.
  7. Bot getting more and more stable, great. However, I do have a thing or two that I'm running in to after a few days of running this intensively. For higher level players, it doesn't seem to be very practical for certain tasks. This is also due to the looting mechanism. For example Aberrant spectres; it will bring a full inventory of sharks but eat them in order to pick kind of worthless herbs. I tried fixing this by selecting the "Max XP mode - only loot high value items". However, it stops looting entirely for me with this option, same as when I select "Loot over X amount". What happens is my character goes to bank literally every few minutes because after a few kills it's inventory is already full. I heard you are working on implementing herb sack, that's awesome. For now, I'm stuck with the default looting setting, which isn't too practical for higher levels that can't be bothered with 1-3k drops. But it's better than not picking up an imbued heart Lastly, I had to save my character from dieing at trolls again, was just continueing fighting them at 20 hp and no food/prayer. I am using the latest version, is fixed mode still a necessity? (Using Duel ring + RoW). Looking forward to your insight
  8. Perhaps that was the cause for my problems then, as I was using 10.24.2 nor fixed screen mode. I did have the quest completed and it brought a neitiznot shield as well. After dieing, it was just standing there. What I also just noticed is that, in the Brimhaven dungeon, it tried to click the opposite crevice of where the character was standing (the Iron/Steel dragon area).
  9. Hello, just got back to the bot to find out it had died at the same place @ trolls again. I know it went well on run prior to that, but that was in the middle of the task. Apparantly teleporting out isn't working as intented when the task has finished. Also, isn't it supposed to loot the grave once it has died? Luckily I was just in time to loot it myself Are we still supposed to use the 10.24.2 version btw?
  10. Really impressed with the script. Working flawlessly overall. One thing I ran in to on my first day is that it died on a troll task because it kept trying to teleport out using the dueling ring which failed because of getting mobbed. What also caught my attention is that the balance between prayer potions and food is sometimes off. Again trolls for example, it will bring like 8 prayer potions and 8 pieces of food. Even with 9x defense the food is gone in the same time maybe 1 or 2 prayer potions are used. Besides this, there are various mobs which are more effectively killed with magic defense gear and without prayer (such as bloodvelds, spectres, infernal mages). Currently I don't believe there is an option to select a 2nd set of gears for these kind of monsters right? is this something that could be integrated in the future? or even having the option to create a ranged setup for said monsters. Edit: I also noticed it gets stuck navigating from the 2nd level to the base level of Chasm of Fire when on a black demons task. Hoping you can look in to this in the future. Lastly, still wondering if there are any plans on adding support for Konar Quo Maten slayer master. That would be really awesome since tasks from her are much more profitable.
  11. I am not an Ironman. And it seems to be working properly now. Will test/babysit it for another hour to see how it goes. EDIT: Didn't loot the items again! Could it be due to the location? I'm in the "new" slayer dungeon in Kourend.
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