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  1. little advice no one give up methods on botting sites gl
  2. l0l it happens cause and affect you bot you get banned
  3. its working alot more smoother still get message log ive noticed it takes a long pause when it goes down stairs coming down from edge by the stairs
  4. i have the same problem im running on windows 10 make the script alot slower and makes it stop randomly
  5. i have the same issue randomly says it has no air orbs when it does and stops script also found it stuck in karamja https://gyazo.com/9c15a16a2fe19adbbb2499d369661b9d
  6. running 2 atm been going good will report any bugs found solid script quick efficient
  7. make it premium with a high cost as the method only has a few slots it cant be overly farmed
  8. Name: 2 ridiculous Accounts intending to run: 5+ Do you promise to report bugs as you find them: i would love to be a part of making this script flawless while making some gps so ill be a loyal bug sender :]
  9. your crazy no looking glass? how do you even profit lol teach me and ill give 2 gdk accs for free
  10. count me ill shoot you a pm later on today
  11. I run 9 lg client smooth with my amd smooth cpu at about 80-90
  12. the incorrect login screen makes impossible to bot more then 5 hours it meesses up and sits there idk if its a tribot problem or script
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