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  1. its working alot more smoother still get message log ive noticed it takes a long pause when it goes down stairs coming down from edge by the stairs
  2. i have the same problem im running on windows 10 make the script alot slower and makes it stop randomly
  3. i have the same issue randomly says it has no air orbs when it does and stops script also found it stuck in karamja https://gyazo.com/9c15a16a2fe19adbbb2499d369661b9d
  4. running 2 atm been going good will report any bugs found solid script quick efficient
  5. make it premium with a high cost as the method only has a few slots it cant be overly farmed
  6. Name: 2 ridiculous Accounts intending to run: 5+ Do you promise to report bugs as you find them: i would love to be a part of making this script flawless while making some gps so ill be a loyal bug sender :]
  7. your crazy no looking glass? how do you even profit lol teach me and ill give 2 gdk accs for free
  8. count me ill shoot you a pm later on today
  9. I run 9 lg client smooth with my amd smooth cpu at about 80-90
  10. the incorrect login screen makes impossible to bot more then 5 hours it meesses up and sits there idk if its a tribot problem or script
  11. when it dies it keep saying that it dosent have a certain item in the bank closes the bank opens it banks everything 3 times then the failsafe stops the script https://gyazo.com/7487164d1a0c85b14916e08a7d0a08f4
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