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  1. I will try to get you a video tonight when I am back from work, thanks. *Edit, getting the evidence needed went quicker as expected. How do I make a video thingy like you did?
  2. So far I have found two other minor things after babysitting: Info: Hunting on grey chins with 4 traps. What happens: Goes for trap 1, takes trap 1 > Walks under trap 2 > Walks back to trap 1 and places trap 1> Walks back to trap 2 to take it and replace. In my opinion this is prety odd. Because: 1) It walks after picking one trap to another trap 2) It walks back withouth doing anything to the second trap. (happens frequently) Another small thing I have found while babysitting: While there are 4 traps, and one of the traps is full it sometimes replaces a trap that is still up and working (timer at 0seconds) where a chin is about to hop into instead of replacing the full one. Positive thing about the bot: When it misplaces a trap nothing bad happens
  3. I understand. But, when I am hunting on grey/red chins and doing falconary I want the bot to dismiss randoms. The fact other people do not want the randoms to be dismissed is not my problem, right?
  4. Bot works smooth, one of the minor things I have walked in to while botting: It does nothing with the random event. (not even dismissing them, and yes I have my dismiss random setting ON). keep up the good work!
  5. Another bug (Seers rooftops): -First house it climbs it walks to the west and walks to a certain spot (left downside of the building) after that it clicks to jump the obstacle, but when it missclicks it walks back again to the spot it came from BEFORE trying it again. (So isntead of trying it again it first walks back to the older spot which is unnececary and very bot like)
  6. -I also fail at that rooftop like 10% of the time. Cannot leave this bot on for an hour withouth babysitting. - Script ended ~Random appeard bot started clicking on random while on other roof untiil random failed and script stopped ~ (Happens frequently) Hope you had a nice holiday tho!
  7. Bought five bonds, Thanks for your patience!
  8. When it wears my G-maul and power-up ended it goes back to my primary weapon but won't wear my "shield" again. Wrong settings or not my fault?
  9. I have a few questions, -How can i make it drink my super range potions? -what is the item id of my magic shortbow? (For spec) Thank you in advantage.
  10. I get this message all the time in my client while the bot is still running: [18:08:32] Unknown login message: 1638 ++ Make it hop faster please, guy was talking to me for over five minutes before it logged out to hop. (It finds out the player, does nothing but wait 5 mins and then hops) Still getting around 30kxp/hour with bronze arrows, pretty decent!
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