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  1. Yup Black Knight's Fortress won't start for me, says I don't have enough quest points even though I do.
  2. yourgranma

    This is why

    You're a dumbass if you report other botters just because they're in your spot. It doesn't make you seem more legit.
  3. Don't bother appealing, it's gone.
  4. and then accidentally die when they auto retaliate.
  5. Triple simultaneous 25hr+ proggies and another:
  6. Can we get it changed to use the outside path so as not to kill level 3 bots on death walking?
  7. I've never seen a broken axe ever using this script. I have had dozens of axe breaks using your competitions scripts previously though.
  8. Doesn't matter how old your account is.
  9. Getting stuck outside of the home position is related to randoms I believe. When it runs away from a combat random it can't find its way home again. Alternatively it's when you use the script in a large open area and the bot follows a monster out of home, sometimes it can't find its way back then either.
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