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  1. tried making bronze bars in edgevile the script takes out the ore perfectly from the bank and smelts it but once its finished smelting it does not return to the bank just stands there and the status will just remain on smithing. thought id try smiting in a differant location so i went to alkharid to smith the bronze bars but here it removes the ore from the bank and gets stuck in the bank with the status saying closing bank and wont go past that.
  2. if i decided to do the thieving xp i would have 99 a long time ago.. i would have been getting about 108k thieving xp/h
  3. no what he is saying his botting accounts he tried logging in to them and it disconnected him on all his accounts then band him so he wast able to transfer the goods. i got band the same way i logged in got dc and then band but i was running a different script
  4. yeah it is very easy to sell the herbs even the low lvl herbs if u decide to keep them and i have ran this script 36 hours straight with out a problem in the summer garden. great script for thieving/farming xp and making money i would recommend it
  5. i have two accounts running this script and one of the accounts the success rate is terrible under %50 but the other account does pretty good around %70 what could cause the drop in the success rate?
  6. i was going to post a 28 hr proggie when i woke up but my damn power went out =/
  7. i know i posted this on your other post but i didn't realize it was the free version sorry. but have you considered banking at shanty pass in stead it will speed up the process a bit
  8. nunzio


    is it true that on os runescape they will be giving out rares every year?
  9. Does the sript catch people trying to scam you? and lets say if someone puts in 108k and im selling shark for 1k ea will it put in the proper amount of shark?
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