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  1. avoid use, was banned after 2hours of using this script, only script i use so i know its this one that caused it lol
  2. i lost my main april 2014, 1 month before all my bots were banned. 1 week later, all my bots were unbanned. 1 year down the line, (last week) my mains appeal was denied. GG bye runescapes, happy botting all
  3. I accidently autotyped my mains acc details into tribot, i didn't login cause i was already logged into my account via firefox, anywho 4 hours later my main and my 2 bots were banned lol
  4. yoo its working for me now
  5. yeh it kicked half my bots off, half are still running, but i cant load them back up on any of my computers, but my brother has had no problem lol
  6. Tried making chaos through Abys it worked fine untill inside the abys when it tries to click into chaos rift it spam right clicks the floor on the same spot, did this for 5mins before i noticed it was doing it. Just tried to make fire runes via dueling rings, after the script entered the fire alter it dropped my ring and pouches.
  7. do not trust this guy!!!!! making excuses to not send me money......
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