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  1. The script works pretty well, but one thing I did notice that seems so unlikely is that when a random appears but you are already going to next obstacle, the bot will try to click the random to dismiss it. This results in it not being able to reach the random if it already crossed to the next obstacle and just clicking dismiss over and over again, I'm not sure if it eventually stops or not, since I stopped it manually the 2 times I noticed it. Would you be able to add an option to not dismiss randoms? Or better yet, have the bot check if it is able to reach a random before trying to dismi
  2. It may just be me, and I may just be the most unlucky botter out there. However, I am un-able to have a single account survive for running more than 2-4 hours and not be banned the next day using this script. I have tried proxies and many other things, such as different locations etc. Maybe a some sort of antiban needs to be redone for this script, because at the moment it seems jagex is completely capable of banning accounts using this with ease .
  3. @Druid Alright, I see you really have no options for the dropping I suppose the progressive mode will help greatly for this problem/solve it at least for me. Great to hear it's coming out soon, will most likely solve that problem for me . Anyways, about the chain ban, the thing is they're not really getting chain banned. I set it up where I will have 1-2 accounts tops running per proxy. Also, I have it where I take frequent breaks, I only run them during certain times of the day, and will even check on them a few times. It just seems the ban rate has skyrocketed as I've used this in th
  4. Hello, after running this bot for a few days I'm having a few flaws. 1. Bot dropping logs - It seems to slow down to a ridiculous point, to which is is almost useless. I posted a video previously just though I'd re-mention it. Link 2. Progressive mode - It don't work for f2p, reading previous posts however it seems you will be adding this. Is there any eta or time you plan to have it released by? 3. This bot seems to be detected so quickly it's not even worth the effort. I've used this in the past and the ban rate has never been this atrocious. Started a 10 bot, bot farm. Within 2 days (on
  5. UPDATE: I noticed that it gets slower over time. Right when I start running the client it drops normally, (normal speed) but as the client runs, it gets slower and slower. After 2 hours it takes at least 15 minutes to drop the inventory. (This video is a lot faster than usual) Any idea why i'm dropping so slow? Evidence:
  6. Hi I posted the other day about an error where it will drop D-axe while chopping yews at seers. While looking to replicate this again, it seemed it may have just been a small bug maybe a error on my part. However, when I started chopping willow for xp, as I opened the client and watched for a few seconds it dropped my d-axe again. I managed to copy the log and will post it for you, hopefully this can be fixed. Your bot has worked great, but I really can't risk dropping a d-axe hopefully you can fix this Client Debug [16:15:07] Starting client.[16:24:06] Downloading script 'Master Chop
  7. I have been using the script and it flawlessly got me to level 1-68 and I have made over 1.3m. However yesterday while chopping yews at seers, right when I opened the window it was 2 logs away from a full invy. I was about to finish and sell logs. But while watching it finish it went to drop my dragon axe and yew logs. It may have been something I did, as it did it just as I opened the window, and I have not seen this problem occur at all until now. Maybe you can make the bot pick up axes in-case it ever did this whether the person did something by accident. This will make it more safe. It was
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