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  1. 1. vouches on other sites do not matter on tribot. 2. banned on powerbot and sythe? i dont even have accounts on there 3. you already have the $80 on a paypal account and now youre trying to get an extra 30m back for it
  2. edit: this user claims to sell gold 3-4 times a week but doesnt have 1 feedback about selling gold? hmnnnnnn also: please take off negative feedback if proven not guilty, thanks now he pms me on skype telling me to refund him
  3. 1st. here is a picture of the moneypak with receipt that says the date + money i gave him correct code, i can take a pic of the code if needed. then messages me saying the card has a $0 value. this is impossible considering i had just bought the card yesterday. i agreed to go to the store and see if there was a problem with the card they told me that on the receipt it says activated which means it was all good. they couldnt do anything else to help me i have a suspicion that the user used it on a separate paypal and claims that it was $0 balance in hopes of getting a refund or someth
  4. everyones getting banned and chin prices are going up o.o
  5. comment below only going first to trusted people
  6. can u make a signature that shows how many chins we've caught, how long, and the rank. that would be pretty cool
  7. its funny because ive made easily $5k irl. "i dont know how to goldfarm correctly"
  8. my other pc didnt get banned that was on a different ip theyre still going with 25
  9. fk this im too lazy to black out rest of account names, i dont even care
  10. got banned on all 25 of my acocunts, gg
  11. for an easy account to make that alot of people do is 60/80-85/1 theres plenty of people at those stats
  12. i successfully run currently 38 red chin bots on 2 different pc's same ip. no bans for a week now. if u have any questions u can add me on skype. maybe ill even show u them
  13. script spam clicks spot to place trap and over walks a tile and misplaces trap and just leaves it there please fix this it happens on almost all my accounts
  14. if the new legacy mode was implemented, do u guys think 07gp gold prices would go down? if so then by how much also will "eoc/legacy" gold rise? how much? News Article: http://services.runescape.com/m=news/poll---legacy-combat
  15. my set up: 38 accounts on 2 pcs that have 2 different ips [19 on each]
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