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  1. using looking glass as usual and amazing script only noticed when bot clicks on butler it gives 2 options to unnoted planks from bank or something else it always clicks something else and gets stuck in dialog can u add option to repeat last task? also noticed just then without lg it does select repeat last task
  2. recently changed password on website and now im typing correct password into tribot panel to load bot client and keeps saying its wrong any ideas?
  3. title says all tribot doesnt have one and needs it
  4. Yes I was getting this too I’ll give that a try thanks for the reply @Worthy
  5. love the script @Worthy is there anyway to speed it up with lg out of interest?
  6. any proggies ?
  7. yes i was using looking glass there was no error's in the client after i paused script and closed bank and resumed script it continued to work flawless
  8. great script noticed it just randomly clicks around items in bank? apart from that its awesome
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