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    In university for biochem. Computers are a big hobby
  1. it is common knowledge that jagex is increasing bot watch to prepare for the grand exchange release. also, unless you are writing your own scripts you are bound to get banned. don't be silly
  2. Probably one of the funniest vids i've seen in a while! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXsEKF1Pf88&feature=youtu.be
  3. i have scripts that are utility scripts and are sleeping most of the time and it sometimes moves my mouse when i'm already moving it. but on my lava dragon script i want my mouse to always be on the log out button but i don't want it to have to make it hover cause who the fuck hovers their mouse irl. my mouse doesn't move normally when i play legit but the client moves it all over the place.
  4. just wondering if there is any way to disable the built in random mouse movements and random mouse clicks. i quickly scanned the api but i figured it might be faster to just ask here instead of trying to figure it out myself. edit: also, is there a way to disable the login bot?
  5. thanks man! luck isn't really needed since the script is already made but thanks all the same
  6. updating it right now. releasing the script tomorrow after work. i made the post a little early to get it out of the way
  7. broke. bots got banned already. guess it's not safe? damn :'(
  8. misclicks will hopefully be fixed when i implement model clicking and i keep forgetting to add a tolerance to the camera rotation. glad you like it though!
  9. could i get a screenie? i have no clue where you're talking edit: went there to try and figure out where you were talking and the only stairs i could find were in the building that you climb onto to start. not sure why it would misclick for you and not me, or anyone else as far as we know :/
  10. not sure i'll check all the courses ina sec then make a part on the OP that details the xp rates and how well the specific courses are running. i know alkarid has a couple spots that it has trouble clicking so i'd be smarter to just stick with draynor till 30, at least until i find the time to fine tune the model clicking at those locations. kna what i mean?
  11. glad you like it i know though. it's a spot that i'm going to revisit in the future when i fine tune everything, (and implement model clicking for certain spots, this being one) but right now its a spot that the regular clicking method and the dynamic clicking method struggle with.
  12. i'll add it to the description and make it pop up as a reminder in a couple places. i remember when i started back playing osrs i completely forgot about toggle roofs, so don't kid yourself, it is a good idea. just something the player would have to do manually. edit: after class tday, if my gf doesn't mind (it's her day off), ima try and finish the update that will disable the combat randoms that stop the script and implement the custom solvers for them that i have been working on (most of the reason it's been taking so long, not cause i don't know how to disable them, i'm doing a complete fix and not a half ass job). hopefully then this script will be beast. actually if you guys could do me a huge favor and post the exact randoms that it is breaking on and i'll write custom solvers for all of them. the teleport randoms shouldn't be breaking the bot and all the other randoms, for the most part, can be handled with TRiBot's NPCChat api. edit: and i'm almost done the update that will detect places like wizards tower and lumby basement and walks out of them to a spot where webwalking can take over. this should be out within the next week, even though i don't think the issue arises very often. (it shouldn't happen at all after i handle everything above, but just in case yaa knaa)
  13. to be honest an antiban is a waste of time but if you want me to implement one i have one i made like 3 years ago when i was using RSBuddy (as if you said the words senior scripter (antiban is like the most basic of things to make. you think i'd know what the fuck an antiban is if i'm releasing a script this advanced. give me a fucking break and take your insults elsewhere you worthless piece of shit leecher)) that i can alter, pop in and then make optional. sorry for being a dick but i hate people that say shit like "protip" and it really irks me when i'm looked at as inferior because of my post count or popularity. computers have been my life since i could use one. i know 4 other programming languages outside of java and i'm in school for computers next semester (taking biochem right now but i' not feeling it anymore), i'm taking 2 computer courses this semester and i'm not about to let some fucking leecher walk over me. i will disable combat randoms in the next update and add an optional antiban. it will be optional because it is a waste. i've ran this script for 36 hours straight for weeks on everyone of my accounts and i haven't received a single ban. you really think it needs an antiban? get your head outa your ass and give it a shake. when will the next update be? dunno i'l try and make it as soon as possible. i'm in uni and i have a girlfriend. updating this script comes after those. it will happen when it happens. enjoy the free agility script i made out of the goodness of my heart because the others ones cost money.
  14. next on the list of things to do. i swear lol. i actually have a few things i want to implement when i do this. sorry it's taking so long
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