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  1. bought this script yesterday, have to say im very impressed with it
  2. when using curse/alch it often double clicks the target that it wants to curse, which means sometimes u dont cast a curse or u kill your target with a melee hit depending on where u are doing this... is there a way to fix the double click or is that part of your antiban or something?
  3. bobos


    you are botting in a high risk area...simple as that,sometimes your lucky and in your case u were not
  4. i wouldnt bot straight after doing tutorial island, especially not on f2p accounts...ur also botting skills that are highly watched (wc and mining)... try wait and play abit legit for first few days...i usually do low level quests get a few random stats up in general do shit a legit account would do when first getting into rs, normal player wouldnt get of tut island and go chop wood for 6hours.... ive got a fully botted main 1400total level, 90+ combat stats, did 70 70 70 cb in f2p with free scripts
  5. botted an acc from level 3, its 110 now with over 1300total level all done by bot....its all about botting smart, dont be that retard that bots 24/7 and complains he got banned
  6. @oak use overloads rockcake and absorptions and i feel its better than using prayer my games last close to 4h using this method (not range but still same effect)
  7. it will ignore them completely
  8. bobos

    Toxic Blowpipe

    put it in your inventory and on tribot choose debug on top and then select inventory it will show u item id
  9. @erickho123 yes im sure it only happens when using your script, i run multiple scripts on 1 acc and for numerous hours (from the scripts that i use, yours is the only one)...i cant explain more than what kelek posted because that is exactly the same what is happening when i run your script, doesnt happen everytime though... it doesnt bother me i dont consider it a bug that needs a fix right away
  10. I have the same issue, it only happens with your script...sometimes if u pause and then resume script it sorts itself out....its not a huge problem for me though great script otherwise
  11. im having similar issues and its not my connection...i also dont use proxies...im sure it will sort itself out in abit
  12. im assuming u could host yourself since u dont need to put in a host in the gui? but would need this confirmed cuz im also looking to buy it at the moment
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