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  1. online buying rs 07 gold, now can do 2.4-2.6$/m, welcome

  2. i work on this business for long time. and i need bulk gold everyday. i f you are interested, plz add my skype:won_rsgold. welcome anytime.
  3. friend, i can buy all.my skype:won_rsgold
  4. friend, my skype:won_rsgold. add me plz. we can talk details there. thanks
  5. online buying rs 07 gold at 2.4-2.6$/m. if you are interested, plz add my skype:won_rsgold. welcome anytime
  6. 2000+vouches on sythe!!! 5000+feedbacks on playerauctions!!! live:liunablue (i am online for 7/24.sometimes skype button shows me offline) instantly pay via paypal,moneybookers,webmoney,westernunion. rs 07 buying price: 2.2$/m-2.6$/m Order Format: Amount of gold to sell: Have u added me already: Payment method: Will you leave me a positive feedback: ALWAYS ASK FOR A PM BEFORE WE TRADE,OTHERWISE WE WONT PAY FOR YOUR LOSS.BE CAREFUL FOR TOO HIGH PRICE.
  7. nice to see you, good luck for everyone, never got banned.
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