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  1. good point, but they could just be using it for speculations also, couldn't they implement something so when the client is loaded through their website that client has an id that it connects to the rs servers?
  2. Arguably, maybe, but food is always in a high demand where as you don't see people wanting to buy seeds as often. i used to bot lobs right before the ge came out and i made more profit trade selling than my buddy that was rc laws As i said before, just my opinion
  3. sharks are too slow, but monkfish and lobs are good money at higher levels imo
  4. imo, i would say runecrafting, mining and fishing. Of course, some are probably more profitable actually at 99 but leving i would say these
  5. A) What is the safest skill to bot in your opinion as of right now? magic -- seems to me its always been a safe skill to bot, again just my opinion though B ) Where is the safest place to fish in your opinion? cath or fguild C) Where is the safest place to hunt in your opinion? not sure D) Where is the safest place to alch in your opinion? w1 in the crowd E) What scripts have you stayed under the radar using? new here so haven't botted much yet.
  6. if you want to do it fast i would go with the power fly fishing, but if your doing it for the money i would just do sharks
  7. Congrats! not many people with that cape right now!
  8. thenewboston is decent, pretty good if you know nothing about programming. Many good books on amazon. The more dedicated you are to just read about it the more you will learn. Learning takes time, you can't expect to be the best if you don't put in the time.
  9. intellij works really well too. here is a tutorial from dibes on how to set it up ---> here
  10. forevers

    Sup All

    Welcome! Im new here too, but seems like a great community so far!
  11. Hey guys, my name is justin, im 20 years old. I was pretty active in another botting community that got shut down and I've played rs for ages, since i was a little kid; just quit little over a year ago when eoc came out, but i've come back for more botting and scripting! I'm a computer science major and plan on scripting in my free time. All will be open source for now, especially until i get used to this API. Feel free to pm me or post here with any script ideas. So far this community looks great! Can't wait to be more invloved!
  12. forevers


    I always get a laugh out of these conversations. This is great, nicely done.
  13. looks good, well thought out
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