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  1. Add my skype: [email protected] usually when I get gold it seems to run out quick so I will let you know via skype.
  2. I will buy 2.4/M Sales thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/32558-finns-gp-cloudnet-old-school-rsgp-cheap-quick-professional/#entry392722 I'm now partnered with Dreaming.
  3. Inboxed. Made a few sales on other websites, keep em' coming!
  4. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/32558-finns-gp-cloudnet-old-school-rsgp-cheap-quick-professional/#entry392722 Just started up, but I currently have 46M stock, 2.9/M
  5. Currently have 46M stock. Like I said, I will do a MM to show I am legit. I will only go first if I see that you have substantial amount of reputation.
  6. I have 10M to sell, just starting out a new gold website. Skype: finn.hf Is your only payment method google wallet?
  7. Good job. Maybe next update look into revamping the Maze random. Sometimes it solves it, and other times it does not. Despite it solving the random, it looks extremely bot-like and doesn't look anywhere close to a real person doing it. I'm not saying it needs to complete it in a certain speed, but the speed it's going looks like an eight year old is attempting the random...if I see it most of the time I pause it and do it myself.
  8. A lot of the randoms are broken to the point of most scripts being useless. First one was the maze, then the drill sgt, twin random, pheasent random. Everytime I have come back to check it's stuck at a random now. I'd rather revert back to the old version, it actually worked flawlessly.
  9. I wouldn't consider buying this until the instances problem is fixed. I'm not spending eight extra dollars on top of the 6.95 I've already spent for VIP (only because it continually bugs and says that I am not a VIP, even though I have premium scripts I can run) just so I can end the instance and restart. Either USA is busy on Skype or ignoring the problem, I've only experienced it with this script (but it could be with the client itself.) When I restart it, the max time this runs before giving me the multiple instance glitch is about ten minutes. I'd stay away from this until it's fixed,
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