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  1. spox


    nice luff master, ill have to give this a try. kinda worried dont have a throw away account, dont fail me now myman!
  2. so far this is an awesome script! except when trying to make potion it doesnt select "make all" it hit cancel - would love to see this perform, looked better than most of the other ones by well known people! would love to know how you learned as well, pm me?
  3. Just wondering has this been updated at all? works great, but worried about if its been redflagged yet or not if it hasnt had an update in awhile, ive noticed it has a pattern of movement which isnt good but the script itself is awesome just needs a few tweaks The mouse needs to be slowed, way to fast to be accurate all the time.. should use the inventory deposit all occasionally and use the rightclick deposit is fine as well, both would be best bet, or just inventory deposit - no need for the extra right-click deposit potions. definitively needs a few breaks in-between actions, maybe have it pause after finishing the potions for a few seconds, definitly to fast to be that accurate. I hate thats there no mouse-speed option with tri but hey cant have everything
  4. spox


    Experiencing the issue of starting and it runs to the bank, all settings are correct. EDIT: Resolved by loading a new client-must have been cause i repurchased vip and didn't reload the client.
  5. spox


    Awesome, nice updates man I'd love to see super str & atk support. like every time it gets food it grabs x - super str, and x - super attk, and drinks whenever stats are 0 or +1 or even +2 as a renew. You'd be the most aweseomest of awesome evar even tho you are already luv u bb
  6. I agree with Luffy, but I don't fully disagree with the other dude. I could say that when I legit afk crabs I personally use 2 monitors and leave my RS window open so I can always view it and If I was always present say sitting watching a movie or two or 4 - I could always eat about half hp just so I don't have to do it another time. Generally I noticed myself eating when I'm about 2 food down from full hp, that way you have less interaction/checking since you're not eating as soon as your at 80% to 100% but if i'm afking I'd never let it fall under 20-30ish cause what if you forget about it and the off-chance you die. I've had it happen before.. However with that being said, I like the current eating in 1.11. I think it's random but not to bad, I like the fact it eats more than 1. I think you should add it however so it doesn't eat from the first one every time, maybe skip a few every once in awhile?
  7. spox


    Very nice, I'm still using v1.02 lol.. i havent updated it yet but its running great. I'll post proggie soon. awesome work
  8. spox


    This script is targeted for pures I believe, it works for mains as well but mains shouldnt really even be at sandcrabs imo. As someone with low def they do need food over time sands do dmg. However I suppose a don't eat option wouldn't be a bad idea for mains but I don't see the point when you can just put for ex: 5 sharks in your inv and set it for sharks and if you never need food then why does it matter. Also, thanks for the idea of mouse-off screen, he is aware of this -- and it does go off to the edges every once in awhile to sit but it keeps the mouse after eating or something in the same spot to simulate alt+tabbing out of game every once in awhile. I would suggest not using abc2 as well
  9. spox


    I agree with this, I would suggest adding some potions and maybe -hop if being crashed-, and a few extra "goody" features that arent needed but some people might pay for and make premium for 1-5$ however, I agree with keeping it free and you've done a great job. ---IMPORTANT-- The script currently isn't working like above says, not sure what's going on - I start the script after setting my tiles and it runs to the bank? im ganna test again but not sure what its doing --EDIT-- its working now, i restarted my client, but used the same settings and i didnt misspell the food, not sure what the issue was
  10. spox


    all bots broken still..? I gave a simple temporary fix to some scripters that have crab scripts but one didn't want to modify his script because "why modify the script when tri will be updated in a few days" and luffy listened which was awesome but haven't heard anything about implementation and I offered testing as well. Looks like we are sol.
  11. Has tri been updated yet since the rs update that broke the loops? and combat scripts
  12. It's not even a modification, it's temporarily disabling the attack function so it doesn't spam click, and uses the rest of the functioning eating, and running, etc. I thought I saw you post a comment somewhere talking about how there is no way to workaround tri being broken right now, well I gave you a simple fix. Honestly not many people even click on the crabs, I know I don't cause its unnecessary when you are going to attack them anyway. & Tri may be updated soon, or it may not - how long has it been already, about a week now. So it might be updated in another week, or four. Anyways, can't force you to do anything but it would be nice, and I know many people would enjoy the fact you listen to your users. Once afk is added I will purchase ^^
  13. Yes lol, I am pressing start cause the gui goes away, the paint comes up and it sits there and maybe moves if I have abc on but doesn't eat or drink or attack lol. Which I mean I don't mind to much, I want to look like I'm afking training except I need it to eat. Could you add the option to "AFK"? or add the tile you want to stay in, since this is a crab script most of the time you want to just stay in 1 tile while the crabs around you spawn and auto attack you. I would definitely purchase if I could set the tile I want to be at and acts as an AFK trainer and resets as well. If you want you could add an option to set the tile to reset at as well. I noticed everyone resets differently and at sand crabs you really dont need to run far, You can literally just run up passed the tree line maybe 20-40 tiles and your reset. As fort he AFK option, the script wouldnt need to attack it would just turn the camera every once in awhile, it would keep either mouse on screen or off-screen to act as a true afk look and then come back onscreen to eat/pot/reset. Honestly you would ever only need the mouse to walk and eat, even after you eat while on the afk tile you automatically attack again the crabs that are on you. This will work best at the multi areas of crabs, waterbirth it might get messed up afking unless you set it up before you start cause crabs can run away from you there, however that's not a big issue at the moment, the big issue is getting your script working while everyone elses doesn't. just some ideas that would make this stand out even more, great script as it seems. havent really gotten it to work yet since tri is broken but I want to buy and would 100% if it had these features, i imagine others would enjoy these too. Edit: Well i got it to run properly now, except its just constantly clicking on the SC's, soo I gotta keep it paused at least for now. While it's broken you should edit the script so it doesnt attack the crabs, and just use auto-retaliate! That way it gets around the broken hook and you can afk train.
  14. Not sure what the issue is, I'm on a trial to see if I want to buy cause this looks amazing and I definitly want to purchase but the script hasn't done anything.. I made my inv, put myself at the sand crab spot I want and it hasn't drank a super attack or ate a monk, or even turned the camera. I'm assuming its caused by a recent update to rs? My settings are right, I've stopped and made sure they are minimal, all it was selected is - west sands, monk, x supers, and thats it
  15. spox


    Loving the script, what does it mean "Heal Amount" wasnt sure if it wanted to know the amount the food heals or when to eat at? Edit: I think i figured it out, its the amount it heals I suppose since it says its eating @ x
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