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  1. DaxWalker does not seem to support the slayer-only area in the Brimhaven dungeon, where the iron/steel drags are located. I tried routing to there from Glory-->Karamja, script attempts to walk into the northern sea. No issues with routing to the area right next to the slayer-only area, where the other dragons are.
  2. Seems to be working fairly well. Occasionally tries to call servant when he's not back from bank yet. Not a huge deal and I'm happy that it doesn't spam click (it just waits). I would recommend being careful with your runtime on this script (and construction scripts in general), but overall I successfully trained 35-64 construction with this script. Thanks for the free script @FALSkills
  3. Issue has not occurred again in 30 minutes of runtime. I haven't been able to babysit that closely (to see it actually drop a vial) but I assume it's dropped at least one vial in this time frame. If it happens again, i'll report back and try to do a stack trace Questions/thoughts I've had during my short trial... - Is there an option to configure mouse speed? - It seems very clear that it does not support 2h weapons, but the script guide mentions Magic Shortbow, Toxic Blowpipe, SGS, etc. by name. I'm a bit confused here - does it only support 2h spec weapons? - I
  4. If I shift-drop manually, it gets stuck on the next vial. I did try restarting client, but not clearing cache. I will do so and retest.
  5. What settings are you interested in? I'm using default keybinds and shift-click to drop is enabled. Not using LG or anything.
  6. Just tried the free trial of this - absolutely mindblowing. Fight Arena, Cook's Assistant, Rune Mysteries, Vampire Slayer, Waterfall Quest...all flawless and highly efficient while still being extremely human-like. I am beyond impressed.
  7. Hi @Ark , I bought a 1 day trial to try the script out and ran into a bug pretty much right away...perhaps I missed a required configuration? My first task was steel dragons. Everything was going good for awhile, then the bot needed to drop a vial. I've seen a 100% replication rate of click vial --> click dragon, repeat in an infinite loop (trying to use a vial on the dragon) Log: https://pastebin.com/YzcmBb3Z thoughts?
  8. "Error, could not find TriBot Frame. Cannot resize debug" Led to, when trying to do Waterfall Quest from the beginning, the bot searching "333" in the Grand Exchange window, then standing still.
  9. Excellent script! I've ran it periodically the past 2 days. In my opinion, it's the best free fisher available. It has a much better understanding and implementation of human-like behavior than the other scripts. This was taken while fly fishing at barb village, keep in mind the xp/hr is off because I would manually pause and cook some of the loads Truly an excellent script with plenty of customizable options.
  10. I can confirm the issue where the bot accidentally left clicks a fish and gets permanently stuck in the dropping process persists. I definitely think that the people commenting "banned in 120 seconds" are being dishonest about some potential account flags...but I am glad I was babysitting and noticed the dropping issue I'm not seeing anything useful in the Bot or Client logger (just Antiban actions). I was unable to do a print stack trace as the bug was occurring. If there's a way for me to pull that information for you retroactively, please let me know. If you're unable to replicate on
  11. I own the script but am obviously not an authority on answering your question. It's my understanding that the script does not/can not automatically get a new assignment from a Slayer master. I can confirm (and really like!) the functionality for Slayer stop conditions (e.g. bot sees that you completed your task --> logs out or w/e) (EDIT) It also automatically uses any necessary items to finish off your slayer monster.
  12. Hi all! Returning after a looong break. Optimus has always been my go-to for combat scripts. Curious question - is there any way to adjust the mouse speed? Is that not a factor that Jagex considers anymore? The mouse speed seems EXTREMELY fast for most actions. Very fast swiping of the mouse with perfect accuracy clicking...any thoughts? Just want to make sure this script is still safe to use with the very fast mouse speed.
  13. @Netami GUI Calculations are indeed acting very strangely recently: Also, is there a known problem when using saved settings? I have to equip my spell, turn auto retaliate on, then click the "Magic" button in the GUI again for it to realize what spell I'm using. If I don't do this, it will immediately bank my runes on startup. Lastly, I've noticed that the bot will re-equip your magic spell once you're doing acquiring KC (if you're using melee/ranged) then get the chest and tele back to clan wars. This is inefficient/bot-like because going through the
  14. @daxmagex Just wanted to increase visibility - accidentally posted my feedback from the trial under your free script's thread.
  15. @Netami This is the second time this has happened to me - it randomly ends the script after walking into the clan wars portal with the below debug (it stops right before clicking the barrows tab to start another run). I can't find any rhyme or reason to it. I just restart the script and it proceeds on perfectly fine. I'm not using LG, only 1 tab, tried the usual deleting hooks, etc. Any idea what animation it's referring to? [16:10:51] [DEBUG] Walked to door. [16:10:51] Distance to door: 3 [16:10:51] [DEBUG] Incrementing door fail counter [16:10:52] Directi
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