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  1. I am in need of a private scripter to help me with a project I am working on, the budget for this project will be very big, but it will be split into smaller chunks of work, and paid in smaller sums, this can be discussed further.
  2. I can confirm, all of the above steps in the tut solver is broken, all bots just get stuck and eventually time out. Script isnt updated.
  3. He is a scammer who has done his exit, I doubt youll get anything done about this; I paid that fucker 500$ in January and he has been giving me the exact same crap, word by fucking word. I hope everything works out well for you eventually but if you are waiting for your money back within 48 hrs, start thinking of other ways to get your project going or youll be waiting another 6 months for him to reply to the thread with another excuse.
  4. This is from the latest official post from Trilez, from the 24th of this month (its the 30th now) This is the type of shit I have had to deal with all this time, he has time to put into other projects and whatnot, but not actually finishing the project. At the current state the project is (as he says, 99% done) and needs just a few more work hours to finish it, but that was what he told me almost 2 weeks ago and just bailed. He has also sent me more updates on his side projects than my project, like when talking about my project on discord, he would begin showing these other p
  5. What will happen if he simply does not respond? Will I be able to get reimbursed for my 500 credits lost? I chose him as a scripter for my project because I believed the process you people go thru to become verified scripters would kind of guarantee that I wouldn't end up in this situation, losing 500 credits to someone who as recently as the latest tribot update has helped out to actually improve Tribot.. I chose him because I thought this would never happen, now it seems like a real possibility that I might get fucked twice by him and then by not even getting credits back i
  6. I dont really know how these things work but I will try to give as much info as possible. Script Author: (@JoeyDeezy1) Link to Script's Thread: (Private script, paid 500 credits Mon, 07 Jan 2019 ) Date Purchased: ( Mon, 07 Jan 2019 ) What type of duration did you purchase: (6 Month auth was given, but I was told the actual 6 months would begin from the day of delivery.. Considering I havent even gotten a version that will run in 6 months, I dont think the 6 months should be valid) Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s)1 Scr
  7. I think you are overestimating 'Instant setup' Bought a proxy an hour ago and I still dont have any ip to connect to.
  8. I will pay anyone who can help me set up a 'script' with this.. It involves walking and combat, I can pay in OSRS gold or via paypal. I tried making it myself but to use this script you need to have a fucking masters degree..
  9. This is where it gets a little wonky : http://puu.sh/h7a8r/ad4b7a63c2.jpg I used the compost function incorrectly, I set it up properly and now it works perfectly! An suggestion would be to have a 'profit per hr' counter where the user inputs the buy prices for their seeds manually and then inputs the profit per fruit / herb / logs whatever and the script calculates the profits as soon as anything is harvested.
  10. The script works well enough but it doesn't compost Pineapples, and sometimes it will plant and it wont use compost, and sometimes it will use compost. Other than that it is very solid. There are issues with the camera sometimes in Falador where the 2 oak trees are blocking the Harvest area and the bot just stands there. Edit : There is also a very strange thing that happens when I choose the Logout option, for 3 hours straight the script just logged on and off but none of the sweetcorn ever got bigger, I changed from 'logout' to 'idle' and now it has worked very well, but I kind of want
  11. The latest update has made the script very good. I think you can add TTL, which is estimated time left for lvl up on each skill.
  12. Walking still broken, takes out gold bars from al kharid and then goes to furnace but just stands outside the building.
  13. Walking to al kharid furnace doesnt work, it walks to the door and just stands outside. even if you manually take it inside it will craft and then it wont walk back to bank
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