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  1. He probably used proxies for staking so he wouldn't get DDOSED
  2. Thank you sir for serving our country. It must be hard to deal with the VA, heard a lot of bad stuff from them. I am new to the botting scene, and is inquiring more, advice, thank you for offering helpful insights on the situation of botting. My skype is "seanolaf101" Thank you a lot!
  3. Hello, I would like to ask for advice for starting a small- large scale bot farm. Questions: What are proxies, and what are they used for? Is it true that Jagex has the ability to ban several accounts with the same IP? Is the ban rate different from F2P and P2P? On average, how many desktops are needed to be able to handle multiple accounts? Is it worth doing quests to make bots more human like for gather type bots? What type of bots are there? (for example- gathers and artistians) Tips on selling GP from bots? (Safe precautions when dealing with websites or users) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you the Tribot community, and good luck botting!
  4. Good script, but when I refresh, the monsters don't show up in the NPC box. Other than that, great script to the Tribot community!
  5. Hello, it would be nice if there was a updated white berry script. Thanks! If it was already is one, sorry!
  6. Yeah, just wondering if a scripter would kindly make this, thanks.
  7. This needs to be made lol, shouldn't be that hard
  8. This needs to be fixed, doesn't work
  9. Doesn't seem to work for me, it had cutted untill full invetory, but then didn't bank. Was botting at Yews by the catherbay bank.
  10. Doesn't work clicks on one area
  11. Nice script, but it's fish burnt, not fish burned. That's all! Thank you!
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