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  1. Port Phas: Works for 20 minutes. Character just stops. Login. Logout. Login. Logout. Login. Logout. Login. ...and so on.
  2. Randoms continue to short circuit the script for me. I'm 81 Agility working at Rellekka.
  3. Yeah, just from the outside. I have not seen it ever stop on the inside. Awesome!
  4. I let it run for two and a half hours and it would time out (and log back in - infinitely repeating ) on the outside of the furnace room, unknowing to click it or not. I fixed it twice by just opening the door manually but it seem to run into the problem once again ( and again ). As an aside, perhaps implementing random periodic camera angles as anti-ban would be effective.
  5. It's working much better now (using the script with the steel bar smelter). Only two things that stand out that could be fixed. 1 - If the door going into the furnace room from the bank is closed it will just stop there and not open the door ( I didn't see the problem occur when opening the door from inside the furnace room). 2 - When it's done pulling the coal and iron ( or just steel bars ) from the bank it manually closes the bank screen instead of using the minimap to exit ( which isn't that big of a deal ). Awesome on the quick repo update!! Edit: The door problem seems to have just been a fluke. It's been working well.
  6. I was making steel bars. Also, yes, my CPU is not the best on my laptop (although I'm not entirely sure it has much to do with it).
  7. I'm running the script in Port Phas and nearly every trip it will get lost and will take up to 60 seconds to recorrect itself and get back on the right track.
  8. Just finished Ghost Ahoy to use your script. It works pretty well, but it is agonizingly slow. If it ever misclicks or makes a mistake, it stalls out for an extended period of time before it recorrects itself. I've had it just stand in front of the furnace when it's done before it moves to the bank. Once it enters the bank it just waits there for another few seconds before it banks and repeats. I would strongly recommend adding some anti-ban and increasing the default mouse speed, as well as adding the ability to pick your own speed to the GUI. The script works, it is just exceptionally inefficient as it stands now. With those few improvements it would easily be flawless.
  9. I have had several rough encounters with using the Pollnivneach Rooftop course. It relies on the minimap way too much and wastes time doing so. I have also had problems with the script ending prematurely as well. I've almost reached Relleka's requirement so I'm trying to get the most inconvenient agility course knocked out as soon as possible.
  10. For some reason, Softening at Edgeville froze the client. I tried more than once to ensure it wasn't just a fluke but it was reoccurring. I have yet to check and see if it happened anywhere else but Edgeville's well is the closest water source so it makes it a necessity (unless you added the Lumbridge basement bank.
  11. Currently broken for me. It won't select any tiles so the script is just stuck on Waiting for GUI. I have the box traps I need and all of that, I just logged back in since the Jagex Update and this is the first time I've had a problem. Hope this helps narrow it down.
  12. (GNOME STRONGHOLD) On the trip back to the bank the script goes up the wrong stairs and repeatedly clicks the bank area to no avail indefinitely.
  13. It would be really nice to have this readded. Chocolate dust is a necessity for Energy Potions.
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