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  1. Thanks! New GUI is so nice and the ability to save and load the settings Nice job, contacted you on skype, regarding that beta. Thanks! :3 My second best proggy so far! (best was about 40h, but it didn't capture it, dunno why)
  2. Thanks, the guide solved the problem for me. Keep up good work, Trilez
  3. Nice reaction time, Trilez Gotta test out, peace! E: Seems the frog random is broken, maybe? https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/26040-frog-random-broken/
  4. Nice release :3 But something fixed, something broke. Seems my guys are failing now mysterious old mans. Same thing like frogs. They speak to man, and complete the random but still "fail" and the bot stops the script
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